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  • Latina named Amélie

    9 64.29%
  • Woman named Ryan

    2 14.29%
  • 20-something named Susan

    3 21.43%
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    Amélie vs. Ryan vs. Susan

    No this isn't a thread asking about names of wildly different styles, but rather asking about three characters in a story I wrote with names that make you assume that they are different than they are in reality. All women in their 20s living in the U.S. in the present times they are:

    Amélie (Hispanic with a French name)
    Ryan (female with a male name)
    Susan (Millennial with a Boomer name)

    If you had to be one of these women with these names which one would you pick?

    Would you rather have a name that makes people assume your ethnicity, gender, or age wrong?

    Mail en français instead of en español when you speak the latter? Mail advertising products for men or addressed to Mr. instead of Ms.? Mail advertising for AARP and Medicare plans when you're young?

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    Come to think each of those names could be advantageous to have on a résumé - since some people consider French a "classier" language than Spanish (based on why some people I know said they chose to take the former rather than the latter in school), prefer to hire men rather than women, or prefer someone with more maturity and/or experience.

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    Since this got buried rather quickly yesterday I'm giving this a bump.

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    These examples are kind of interesting... I actually know a female Ryan and a millennial Susan. I don't know a Latina Amélie though (or any Amélie for that matter).

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