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    Do your kids look like you?

    I find it interesting to see what the baby looks like. I am very light mixed race with really dark brown eyes and my husband is blond and blue eyes. when i had my first girl every one assumed she would look more like me- because brown is the dominant gene and my boy has brown hair hazel eyes. She is nine now and still has blonde curly hair, pale skin and royal blue eyes.
    Both of them are absolutely gorgeous but every one is surprised to find out she is quarter Jamaican (her teacher even once asked if I was the mother 0.o)

    I wondered if your children look similar to both or only one parent or neither parent.

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    My daughter looks like my mini-me. I was hoping she'd get my husband's long legs, but no such luck. Instead, she's got her dad's personality through and through. I'm curious who our son will look and act like.
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    I don't have any kids (I'm only 15), but my mom has almost black hair, and dark brown eyes and very pale skin. My dad is half Danish, so he's all pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone says I look just like my mom, but I think that's only because I have her colouring. I have slightly lighter-than-hers brown hair and brown/hazel eyes (my mom's sister has bright green eyes). My middle sister has blond hair and dark brown eyes, which everyone always says is so unusual. And my littlest sister has quite light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I think we all look like my dad's side of the family though. But me and my youngest sister look the most alike, to the point you cannot tell our baby pictures apart; our eyes are just slightly different shapes.

    Also, my mom's friend is biracial. Her mother is pale and brunette, and her father is African-Canadian (he was born in Africa). When she was born, she was extremely pale, had white-blond hair and dark blue eyes. The father's family ended up forcing them to have a DNA test to make sure she was his, and sure enough, he was the father. They then had her tested to see if she was albino, but she wasn't, she just got some interesting genes.
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    I look like my mom, my younger sister looks like my dad. I ended up Asian (my mom is Chinese) and she ended up American (my dad). Lucky her, she never had to deal with racism because no one knows she's half Chinese! However, it's amazing how many people in Taiwan asked if I was "half" so I don't look completely Chinese...

    However, I got my dad's personality and my sister got my mom's, funny how that works, lol!
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    I was blond up until I was 5-6ish. Currently have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, olive complexion. My husband has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and red in his beard. Also, fair skin and freckles.

    Seb: Fair skin, a few freckles on his nose, blue eyes and wavy blond hair (still at 11)
    Bronwen: Olive skin, a few nose freckles, dark brown eyes, curly/wavy brown hair
    Linus: In between fair and olive complexion, no freckles, blue eyes and wavy blond hair (still at almost 7)
    Vio: fair skin, *lots* of freckles, hazel eyes, super curly hair that matches the red in DH's beard
    Wolfie: Fair skin, blue eyes, light brown hair that will be wavy or curly when it comes in by the looks of it

    Seriously, the boys are all clones of each other (especially Wolfie and Linus, their baby pictures are indentical!) and Vio resembles the boys in facial features. Bronwen is really the only one with a different "look" to her. She has the same mouth as Sebastian, but that is pretty much it. Different coloring, eye shape etc. But she looks like me as an adult even if she does have Andy's nose.
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