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    Gwyno's very large CAF Part 1

    6 and 12 sided die:
    random number generator:

    First Name:
    Middle name:


    Roll 12 sided dice for month
    then use the random number generator for the date 1-28/29/30/31

    Mother's first name:

    Fathers first name:

    Parent's middle name:

    Last name:
    Use the randomizer – 1 to 100

    Number of siblings she has
    Use the randomizer 0-12

    Roll a normal 6 sided die, even girl and odd boy.

    Girls (first and middle) and and

    Boys (first and middle) and and

    Where were you born?

    1. UK
    2. USA
    3. Canada
    4. Australia
    5. New Zealand
    6. You choose

    What religion were you brought up in?
    1. Catholicism
    2. Baptist
    3. Buddhist
    4. Islam
    5. Methodist
    6. Brought up agnostic
    7. Pagan
    8. Judaism
    9. Protestant
    10. brought up atheist
    11. Hindi or other Indian regions.
    12. Region of your choice

    What are your parents jobs? Roll for each parent

    1. Medical such as doctor, nurse, dentist
    2. in education, primary school or secondary, college etc
    3. Military etc
    4. Own business such as restaurant etc
    5. something creative, artist, writer, etc
    6. works with animals, trainer or vet
    7. policeman, judge, lawyer, law etc
    8. therapist, massager etc
    9. works for a company, advertising, publishing etc
    10. works a an actor, actress, director, sports, pretty famous
    11. Stay at home mum/dad
    12. Your choice

    I hope you enjoy

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    Sophia Anna
    November 3

    Isabella Mary & David Andrew Philips

    Elizabeth Alice "Eliza"
    Cordelia Julia "Cora"
    Beatrice Jane "Trixie"
    William Andrew
    Stephen Vincent
    Amelia Charlotte
    Ivy Katherine
    Nora Lydia

    Where were you born?
    5. New Zealand

    What religion were you brought up in?
    3. Buddhist

    What are your parents jobs? Roll for each parent
    Mum is a stay at home, Dad is a publisher

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    Madeline Rose "Elle"
    Birthday: March 10th

    Mother's first name: Adelaide Mary

    Fathers first name: Matthew Thomas

    2 siblings: Serena Ivy and William Augustus

    Where were you born? 4. Australia

    What religion were you brought up in? 4. Islam

    What are your parents jobs? Father is a judge, mother is a doctor.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Madeline Alice Bennett
    born May 2nd
    grew up in Great Britain
    brought up to be Baptist

    Mother - Eugenie Margaret Bennett
    a stay at home mum
    Father - Alfred Charles Bennett
    works for a publishing company
    Siblings - Ruth Eugenie *Ruthie*, Florence Dorothea, and Edmund Alfred Bennett

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    DW: Claire Rose Cook

    Birthdate: May 7th

    Parents: Sarah Anne Cook & William Thomas Cook

    Number of siblings she has: 5
    1. Boy; Nicholas William Cook
    2. Boy; Adrian Charles Cook
    3. Girl; Serena India Cook
    4. Girl; Madeline Grace Cook
    5. Boy; Luke Noah Cook
    Birth order: Claire, Nick, Adrian, Serena, Madeline, & Luke

    Where were you born?
    4. Australia

    What religion were you brought up in?
    4. Islam

    What are your parents jobs? Roll for each parent
    William was lawyer
    Sarah was a therapist

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