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Thread: Dina

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    May 2012
    To me, Dina is dee-nah and Dinah is dye-nah. I much prefer the former!

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    New England
    As a Dina myself, it's dee-nah. Dye-nah drives me INSANE. it needs the h to be dye-nah. As dinasims said (hey there fellow Dina ) we don't say Tina or Gina as tie-nah or gye-nah.

    Obviously I'm a wee bit biased but I love my name!
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    Dee-nuh. To me Dye-nuh is Dinah.

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    Aug 2012
    Dina = dee-nuh
    Dinah = dye-nuh

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    May 2012
    Oh wow, I started this thread a year ago! But I'm really happy to see these replies, because I too would pronounce Dina as DEE-nuh (and Dinah as DYE-nuh), but I wanted to make sure that was the general consensus. In reality I probably shouldn't even be considering the name Dina, because my own name is Donna. :/

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