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    I love Georgiana and Josephine, but prefer Kate as a nickname.
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    I loooooooove Georgiana! And Josephine! Especially Georgiana though since that was the name of Mr. Darcy's younger sister in Pride and Prejudice Depending on the mn you pick I think Georgiana is very usable.
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    Georgiana is nice but a lot of name, I agree. I personally prefer Georgina, flows off the tongue a bit easier for me.
    Kate is my main nick name and I love it, but I do prefer it as a nickname and not given name. The thing I like about having Katherine and Katie at my disposal is that they're more flowy, feminine sounding (sometimes, oddly when I say it, Kate sounds a little abrupt). I don't mind just Kate in the middle spot though, especially with a long first name. (that 'just Kate' is what I've heard everyone say.. I know a few people with daughters/grand daughters named Kate, and they've all referred to their names as 'just Kate'.. Which makes it seem unfinished imo)
    Josephine is gorgeous!! I really like the name and maybe it's because I've never met an old lady with the name but it is not old sounding at all to me! I picture it on a curly haired little girl, actually.
    All three names sound great together and would make a really nice sibling set or you could get good combos from them. Josephine Kate, Katherine Josephine, Georgiana Kate...

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    Actually, your style is very much like my own! I adore Georgiana (nn Georgie, Gia, Gigi, Anna, or even Annie), Josephine (nn Josie or Phina) and Katherine (nn Kate or Katie)..... You can't go wrong with any of them.

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    Kate is definitely not a favorite of mine. Georgiana and Josephine are nice though!
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