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    A country where we get weather that people complain about a lot.
    Quote Originally Posted by parkerbelle View Post
    From my point of view there were several harsh comments made and calling my choice illiterate is just about the same as calling me illiterate. I have a master's degree and I am certainly not illiterate!
    I'm sorry you feel offended and that posters this thread have upset you. I'm not sure people realise how offensive the word "illiterate" can be. In flick's defence, the point of his/her post was to say that they didn't think you were illiterate. All the stuff about rudeness has been cleared up; there's no problem here that I can see. Also, I have known three sets of twins in my lifetime, (two identical, one non-identical) and they have all had different attitudes towards it. I am saying to both of you that there is no "fact" on what it's like to be a twin, only opinion on what it's like.

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