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    Year 1: my grandma dies and leaves us her beach house in Brigantine, NJ. Since we both have just graduated college, we decided to live there as our permanent residence. For such a small island off the coast of Atlantic City, the house is quiet large. It has a foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room, rec room, and 5 bedrooms. It also has a pool and hot tub.

    Year 2: Even though we are still getting used to the new house, we decide to adopt boy/girl twins from the state. They are only 3 weeks old. Their parents both died in a house fire, but the mom had been able to get the babies out. We name them James Damian Rinaldi and Serena Helen Rinaldi.

    Year 3: When the twins turn 1, we are totally happy being a family of 4. We made no plans to have more children in the near future. But fate decides for us. We have boy/girl twins! Nathaniel "Nate" Zachary Rinaldi and Clara Rose Rinaldi join the family!

    Year 4: Damian and I decide to try for another baby, but I have a miscarriage. About 6 months after that, my best friend, Clarice, dies from bone marrow cancer. She was a single mom to son Elliot Ronald, who is 3. Without my knowledge, Clarice had made me the godmother and Elliot was left to our care.

    Year 5: Damian has been working at the city hall since we moved onto the island. They mayor is a 78 year old man who is extremely kind. He makes Damian a member on the city council! Also, he has left a note for once he dies for Damian to run for mayor! His death occurs 3 days before Christmas and then Damian wins the election!

    Year 6: With the kids getting older, they are all either in kindergarten or pre-k! I have been begging Damian to have another, and he finally agrees! We have twin girls, Livia Reece and Ariana Clarice!

    Year 7: A strong hurricane is barrelling towards our tiny island. Damian orders an evacuation of the island, so we go to stay with family in Pennsylvania. After staying for a week, we decide to make our way back onto the island. Despite major flooding on the streets and beaches, our home remains intact. We lost some belongings, but we had each other.

    Year 8: After spending a year rebuilding the island, I decide that Damian deserves a break. For his birthday, I surprise him with a family vacation to the Dominican Republic! We stay at a beautiful resort, the kids have a blast, and my wonderful husband got to finally relax.

    Year 9: This is the year the my babies, Livia and Ariana, go to pre-k! After moping around the house for a few months, I decided to open my own business! It's a bookstore and a coffee shop with free wifi that becomes an instant hit on the island!

    Year 10: As our 10 year anniversary approaches, I find out that I'm pregnant again! Miraculously, its twins again! This time, its a boy and a girl. Ronan Jeffrey and Camilla Esme happily make us a family of 11!

    Year 11: Damian grew up in Arizona, Phoenix to be exact. When his mother is diagnosed with a very treatable form of brain cancer, Damian is torn. He wishes with all of his heart that he could be with his family during that time, but he has duties here on the island. When the time for re-election comes along, Damian and I make the decision for him not to run again. Instead, we make the move to AZ to be with his family. But we also keep the house in Brigantine, even if we may not be there for a while.

    Year 12: Living in AZ is a huge change for our entire family. The kids had to start new schools, the weather is hot and incredibly humid. BUt the kids adapt pretty well! As a reward, we buy them a puppy! It's a golden retreiver girl pup the kids name Poppy!

    Year 13: After 2 years in AZ, our family has finally adjusted. But then fate decides to send us a curve ball. Camilla has always been smaller than Ronan, which is only natural. He's a boy, right? During the summer, Cami complains that her leg was hurting. I thought she was just tired, so she spent the rest of the day in bed. Days became weeks and she was in constant pain. We rush her to PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital) and are floored when they say she has neuroblastoma, a cancer. She undergoes multiple surgeries and rounds of chemo. But her fighting spirit never leaves. She pulls through and is declared cancer free exactly 1 year after her diagnosis!

    Year 14: After her diagnosis, Cami got a lot of attention from around the country. One person stood out in particular. A director of a hit teen tv show asked is Cami and the whole family would like to guest star in an episode all about childhood cancer. We obviously accepted!

    Year 15: By this time, we have accepted that twins were kind of our "thing". So naturally, when we decided to adopt again, it would be twins. This time, we adopted 2 little girls form Russia. When we adopted them, they were 10 months old. We decided to name them Viktoria Jane and Natalia June.

    Year 16: When Damian and I decide to start a charity foundation, we asked the family what they would like it to be about. We got a bunch of answers (makeup, trucks, puppies, etc.), but Serena suggested a foundation to donate money to Saint Jude's, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and PCH as a thanks for all they have done for us, especially Cami. My heart melted and the whole family agreed. Cami felt a little self-conscious, but we talked her through it.

    Year 17: My little sister, Daria, is a but of a wild child. She was a total surprise, being born 11 years after my little brother and 14 years after me. Now, she's 24 and barely a college graduate. She comes to live with us when her boyfriend dumps her. The kids absolutely adore their wacky Auntie Daria and I have to admit she's great with them. For as much as we don't get along always, I'm thankful for her with my kids. She stays for 7 months, finds a new boyfriend, and moves to Alaska!

    Year 18: The boys have been itching for a "boy pet" (lizard, turtle, scorpion, or maybe a monkey). So, we surprise them on Christmas morning with.....a cat and an iguana! The cat is a boy named Giant and the iguana is a shim (we never found out what gender it was) that the boys named Lime. Poor Lime didn't like our house very much and the girls despised it. So, Lime went away to live at the local zoo, but Giant got to stay!

    Year 19: We've lived in Arizona for 8 years. Damian's mom is healthy and in remission, our own child got cancer and bounced back, we added to our family, and we have all changed! But the older kids miss Jersey so much. When Elliot, James, and Serena beg to move back for their senior years, we finally budge. Nattie and Vik could start pre-k there, and the other kids could see their old friends again. Goodbye humid, ever sunny AZ, hello Brigantine! But, our old 5 bedroom house made it a little cramped. We decided to add to the house, putting 4 more rooms onto the back while keeping the pool for the summer.

    Year 20: Damian and I spent our 20th anniversary night in the hospital, waiting for news on our closest family friends, the Hamiltons. Their car was run off the road by a drunk driver, killing the mom Amelie immediately. Her husband, Peter, and their three sons Jack, Caleb, and Seth were in critical condition. Peter passed away after 3 days of fighting. But all three boys make it through. Damian and I find out that Peter and Amelie had left their kids in our possession. As heart broken as we were, those three little boys were devastated. Jack is 11 and understood everything that happened. He took it the hardest, by far. Caleb is 8 and oh so innocent. We carefully explained to him that Mommy and Daddy went to Paradise to spend the rest of forever together. That satisfied him, but he still missed them which is totally okay. Seth was just a baby, 3 years old. How do you explain this kind of thing to someone so small. He played with the other kids just fine, but every once in a while he would scream and cry and ask where Mama and Daddy were. It totally broke my heart, but things began to get slightly easier. Our kids provided a great distraction for the boys and soon it was like they were always a part of our family.

    DH - Damian Jeffrey Rinaldi
    DW - Elena Rosalie Rinaldi
    DS - Elliot Ronald Rinaldi - 18
    DS - James Damian Rinaldi - 18
    DD - Serena Helen Rinaldi - 18
    DS - Nathaniel "Nate" Zachary Rinaldi - 17
    DD - Clara Rose Rinaldi - 17
    DD - Livia Reece Rinaldi - 14
    DD - Ariana Clarice Rinaldi - 14
    DS - Jack Peter Hamilton - 12
    DS - Ronan Jeffrey Rinaldi - 10
    DD - Camilla "Cami" Esme Rinaldi - 10
    DS - Caleb Arnold Hamilton - 9
    DD - Viktoria "Vik" Jane Rinaldi - 5
    DD - Natalia "Nattie" June Rinaldi - 5
    DS - Seth George Hamilton - 4

    Sure, it's been a whirlwind of a 20 years. 14 kids, 4 kids that were left to us because of parents passing, 4 adopted kids, and 5 sets of twins, a mother-in-law with cancer, my daughter almost dying of cancer, 1 dog, 1 cat, and an iguana for a month! But I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world!
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Maycomb County, Alabama
    DH: William (Will) Isaac O'Hara
    DW: Rosie Elisabeth O'Hara
    Married in 2020 at the age of 21.

    2021: While on vacation in NYC, Rosie and Will notice someone leave two small basinets on the steps of an orphanage. Afraid that no one

    would notice them and they would freeze, they hurried to the door and alerted the people inside of the orphanage. It turns out they were twin

    baby boys, barely two weeks old. Rosie and Will felt so compelled all of a sudden to these babies and they ended up adopting them and naming

    them Fletcher Edmund and Flynn Maddox.
    2022: Rosie and Will begin a charity foundation supporting orphanages around the United States.
    2023: Rosie and Will adopt triplet baby girls from Korea. They name them Ivy Winslet, Layla Wren and Kairi Willow.
    2024: Fletcher and Flynn get a role in a horror movie, Paranormal Activity 7. They play the little boys of the family that is being haunted.
    2025: Rosie and Will adopt a baby boy from the orphanage in NYC where they adopted Fletcher and Flynn. They name him Beckham (Beck)

    2026: One of Rosie's long-time family friends - Nicolette Russo - passes away and leaves her two daughters behind. The girls' father passed away

    before they were born and there aren't any family members able to take care of them, so Rosie and Will gladly take them in. Their names are

    Serena Amelia (5) and Gwyneth Joy (3).
    2027: Rosie and Will purchase a gorgeous new home to fit their larger, growing family of now eight children.
    2028: Rosie finds out that she is unexpectedly pregnant with a baby. They are so suprised, and don't find out until she is already three months

    along in the pregnancy. Everyone is anxious to find out the gender, but they decide to wait until the baby is born. It turns out to be a baby boy

    whom they name Henry Levi.
    2029: Will's younger sister, Charlotte has a baby girl that she names Clara Isobel.
    2030: Rosie, Will and the kids all pack up and move to Miami, Florida. Everyone is so excited to be living right beside the beach.
    2031: Will's younger sister, Charlotte moves in with her daughter Clara. Her boyfriend that she was living in was abusing her and she just had

    to get away. Rosie and Will urged her to move in with them at least until she can get a job and get back on her feet. She reluctantly, but

    thankfully accepted.
    2032: Fletcher and Flynn get another role in a film, this time as the main characters. Their characters are twin brothers that live completely

    different lives and don't know each other until they run into each other (literally) while they are both running away from home.
    2033: Rosie has a baby boy named Archer Finley.
    2034: Rosie and Will take in a 6-year-old foster child. A girl named Lily Grey. Not long after you take her in, you end up adopting her.
    2035: Rosie becomes unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy. They name him Tyson (Ty) Gabriel.
    2036: Rosie becomes pregnant, exciting everyone. Soon she finds out that there is not one baby, not two but three babies! Everyone is suprised

    but excited. She has two girls and a boy. They are named Audrey Scarlett, Bridget Harper and Channing Rhys.
    2037: Fletcher and Flynn get yet another role, this time in a television show. They are guest stars for five whole episodes.
    2038: Rosie has a baby boy named Quentin Brady.
    2039: Rosie gets pregnant yet again, this time expecting a baby girl. She has a miscarriage. The whole family moves to Dallas, Texas.
    2040: Rosie and Will adopt twin girls named Aria Leighton and Melody Quinn.

    DH: William (Will) Isaac O'Hara (41)
    DW: Rosie Elisabeth O'Hara (41)
    DS & DS: Fletcher Edmund and Flynn Maddox O'Hara (19)
    DD, DD & DD: Ivy Winslet, Layla Wren and Kairi Willow O'Hara (17)
    DS: Beckham (Beck) River O'Hara (15)
    DD & DD: Serena Amelia and Gwyneth Joy O'Hara (18 and 16)
    DS: Henry Levi O'Hara (12)
    DS: Archer Finley O'Hara (7)
    DD: Lily Grey O'Hara (12)
    DS: Tyson (Ty) Gabriel O'Hara (5)
    DD, DD & DS: Audrey Scarlett, Bridget Harper and Channing Rhys O'Hara (4)
    DS: Quentin Brady O'Hara (2)
    DD & DD: Aria Leighton and Melody Quinn O'Hara (NB)
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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    Year 1:
    Got married at 23 years old, at the church my mother and her mother were married in, in NZ. Had our honeymoon in Fiji. Moved into a house in Melbourne.

    Accidently pregnant!

    Floyd Jackson N.

    Year 2:
    December 2015 - Adopt a cat and a dog! German Shepherd called Baxter and Persian called Sleuth.

    Year 3:
    Decide to try for a baby again, end up with triplet girls!

    Willa Rose N.
    Audrey Blythe N.
    Jemima Lenore N.

    Year 4:
    Open a children's book store. Call it Bedtime Stories.

    Floyd starts preschool. Baby girls are terrible twos.
    Go on holidays to NZ to visit family.

    Pregnant unexpectedly! Twin boys!

    Reuben Leigh N.
    Heath Walter N.

    Life is stressful, husband accepts a job away from home to get away for a bit. Surprises us by moving home early as he misses his little tribe. Floyd is 6, the girls are 4 and started school, and the babies are doing what babies do best.

    Niece comes to stay for a year as she is finding trouble at home and needs a distraction.

    Pregnant... again? Twin boys!?

    Oscar Cole N.
    Linus George N.

    We get another German Shepherd and call her Bonnie.
    Floyd is now 9 and a little daredevil with his strawberry blonde hair that he lets grow wild and brown eyes. The girls are 7, Willa is crazy at heart with long blonde curls and hazel eyes, as is Audrey her identical twin, who loves to sing and dance, and Jemima is the quietest, sweetest little girl with light brown straight hair and brown eyes. The boys are double trouble, causing a ruckus at school, both with wavy brown hair, green eyes and dimples.

    We open another branch of Bedtime Stories.

    My best friend dies, so I take in her children, my god children.
    Viola Marie, 10, is the same age as Floyd, and her little sister Bethany Louise is the same age as the girls, 8. Both girls have big brown eyes and dark hair. We spend the year bonding and expanding on our house.

    Bonnie has puppies! We keep one of them for Floyd's 11th birthday and he calls him Buckley. Bethany and Jemima are best friends, and all the little girls adore Viola as she is the big sister they always dreamed about. Reuben and Heath are now 7, Reuben is crazy and energetic like his older brother, whereas Heath likes to think things through and is shy and creative. Both are however inseparable, completely identical, and very cheeky. My babies are growing up, 4 years old and little gentlemen. Oscar has dark hair and green eyes, and Linus has light hair and brown eyes.

    Someone leaves a baby on my doorstep! After contacting authorities I decide to keep her. We go through the paperwork and social workers and enjoy motherhood all over again. The girls are thrilled with a baby sister.

    Cecily June N.

    We open yet another branch of Bedtime Stories!
    Our brood is growing up. Floyd and Viola are 14, and are starting to mature. Floyd is riding BMX as a serious sport and Viola plays the piano. Her beautiful brown hair is so long. The girls are about to enter that giggly "boys" stage, and it's the toddler years all over with the constant squabbling regarding bathroom time, clothes, shoes etc. Willa spends a lot of time riding horses at her friends house, while Audrey is dancing and singing and acting after school. Jemima always has a nose in a book or a sketchpad, along with her best friend Bethany who is also very creative. Reuben and Heath are tall and skinny 9-year-olds, their wavy brown hair streaked blonde from spending so much time outside together.They are still very much rascals, and still have their dimples to prove it. Oscar and Linus are 6, and are still my mild-mannered little men. Oscar loves learning, and has almost memorized his timetables. Linus is mechanically-minded, loves taking things apart yet unfortunately hasn't figured out how to put them back together. Baby Cecily is a joy, with her big brown almond eyes, olive skin and shock of dark curls. Sleuth falls asleep one night and doesn't wake up.

    Pregnancy scare! Definitely no more babies please! Also, Floyd has hit puberty and has shot up in height. And dear old Baxter has drifted off in his sleep to the big dog park in the sky.

    Husband bumps into an old flame at a work convention and she starts texting him. Thankfully nothing happens physically, but damage has been done. Bags are packed, hearts are broken, tears are shed, and somehow we manage to fall back into each others arms and I begin the process of learning to trust again.

    My youngest sister comes to stay with us while she does a year long contract at the local racecourse. Willa is thrilled and spends every afternoon with her aunt at the stables. Floyd and Viola have one last year of high school and are looking forward to Uni. Floyd wants to study commerce (surprised?) and Viola will study teaching and music. Also, Floyd rides a motorbike to school. If life was crazy with 4 twelve-year-olds, try 4 fifteen-year-olds. They have taken over the house, and all 4 bathrooms are exclusively theirs each morning. Reuben and Heath spend a lot of time at the beach or the local pool (when they should be doing their homework) and have gotten the attention of a few young girls in the community, much to their distress. My little gentlemen are not so little any more. They are constantly up trees building tree houses or trying to build bunkers in the back yard. Their curiosity is boundless. And sweet Cecily has been prescribed glasses, which look adorable on her little four-year-old self. She loves playing nurse with her "babies".

    Floyd has flown the coup! He and Buckley the pup are living the good life in a bachelor pad on the other side of town with a couple of school mates. Viola is attending the same Uni. Willa has decided to become a vet, as she would dearly love to work with horses in the future. Audrey has already been accepted into a school of the arts in the next state. Jemima has begun working for a local photographer after school and is considering studying photography / arts at Uni, and Bethany would like to follow, studying sociology / arts at the same Uni. Reuben and Heath have recently started up surfing, and have no plans for the future just yet. Oscar and Linus have been enrolled in the Scouts, after Linus sustained a broken arm from one of their tree house endeavours. What a difference it's made! My baby Cecily (who will always be my baby) is loving "big girl school" and is having the time of her life making friends.

    Husband has gotten a job in England! Viola has moved in with her girlfriends from Uni, Willa is living with her Aunt further out towards the country while she studies at the campus out there, Audrey is in the big smoke studying dance and theatre, and Jemima and Beth are living it up dorm style at a Uni that their friends are also at. The boys are your regular beach bums, they live to surf. They are considering a trade (apprenticeship) instead of finishing school. They are yet to decide if they would like to move to England with us at the end of the year. Oscar received a Maths distinction at school and Linus managed to not blow anything up. Cecily is the most happy, outgoing, friendly little creature I've ever met, not to mention spoiled by her big brothers and sisters. The three youngest are very excited to see snow for the first time in England.

    The End!

    Floyd Jackson ----- 19
    Viola Marie -------- 19
    Willa Rose --------- 17
    Audrey Blythe ----- 17
    Jemima Lenore ----- 17
    Bethany Louise ---- 17
    Reuben Leigh ------ 14
    Heath Walter ------ 14
    Oscar Cole -------- 12
    Linus George ------ 12
    Cecily June -------- 6
    Bonnie the Dog ---- 10
    In order:
    Viola & Beth
    Reuben & Heath
    Willa & Audrey
    Oscar & Linus

    I'm normally not this crazy, It was just fun and I got carried away! :P

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    Maycomb County, Alabama

    DH: Ezra James O'Hara
    DW: Rhiannon Joy O'Hara

    Ezra and Rhiannon were married in 2020. Ezra was 25 and Rhiannon was 23. They were married in a beautiful cathedral in their hometown of

    Cleveland, Ohio. The wedding was beautiful. It took place in December. It was a traditional, but glamorous wedding. They honeymooned in

    London, England and returned home to their apartment in Cleveland. Ezra got a job offer in Denver, Colorado and after much talk about it,

    Ezra and Rhiannon decided that Denver would be the perfect place to settle and have a family. They purchased a beautiful brick home settled in

    the suburbs of Denver.

    2021: Ezra and Rhiannon are strolling in downtown Denver in late November enjoying the beautiful atmosphere when they hear a baby cry.

    They finally find the source amongst the hustle and bustle of the city and are shocked. There is a small basket containing a tiny baby wrapped

    up in a tattered blanket on the steps of a rundown orphanage. Rhiannon carefully picks up the basket and the small baby immediately stops

    crying. They knock on the door of the orphanage and a small, old lady opens the door. She says that her meager orphanage has no room for

    another baby. Ezra and Rhiannon look at each other, with the baby still in their arms and immediately realize that this was fate. They adopt

    the baby, a boy and name him Maverick Edmund (Mav) O'Hara which means independant and fortunate protector.

    2022: It's early February and Rhiannon and Ezra are leading a busy life. Ezra has a job that he enjoys, but it takes up alot of time. Rhiannon

    stays at home with little Maverick and they are finally beginning to adjust to their new life. One day Rhiannon wakes up to Mav crying, in need

    of a diaper change. She quickly jumps out of bed and suddenly feels very sick and runs to the toilet. She finishes and hurries to tend to Mav,

    quickly dresses him and they head to the local convenient store to purchase a pregnancy test. They return home and she takes the test. A few

    minutes later it beeps, confirming her worries. How will she take care of yet another baby when she hardly knows how to take care of Maverick?

    Her worries slowly dissipate when she surprises Ezra that night and he is ecstatic. Eight months later she gives birth to a baby boy named

    Emmett Blaise O'Hara.

    2023: It's early July and Maverick is nearly two years old and Emmett is nine months old. Ezra and Rhiannon can't believe how quickly their

    baby boys are growing up. Ezra has two weeks vacation time saved up so they decide to take a much-needed vacation with their small, beautiful

    family. They go to London, where they honeymooned. Maverick and Emmett both are quite taken with the gorgeous castles, pretty landscapes

    and all the fun things to do. They all have a blast. Ezra, Rhiannon and the boys are walking in downtown London and visiting every store that

    they deem interesting. They enter into another store and see a line of children headed by a busty woman walking towards a hallway at the far

    end of the room. When the children notice their prescence they all stop. The busty old woman glares at them, huffs and rudely asks, "Can I help

    you with anything?". They begin to reply when a small girl at the end of the line catches their eye. She has big blue eyes, dark brown curls and

    porcelain skin. She looks tired and sad but smiles brightly at them anyways. "No, I'm sorry we had the wrong building." Ezra speaks up

    suddenly. The woman huffs and continues their walk to the hallway. The little girl continues to smile shyly at them. The woman notices this and

    yells, "Libby! You insolent little girl! If I told you once I told you a thousand times, enough with the daydreaming!" She hurries over to the girl

    and slaps her face. Ezra and Rhiannon are horrified. Once they are gone they find the office and immediately ask about adopting the poor girl.

    By the end of their vacation they have another child about Maverick's age, Libby Araminta O'Hara.

    2024: It's January of 2024. Libby and Mav are three years old and Emmett is one. Ezra and Rhiannon are tired, but so very happy with their

    beautiful family. They love their life and wouldn't want it any other way. Rhiannon is walking through the city one day with Libby and Mav

    hand in hand and Emmett in his stroller. She notices this quaint brick store front for sale and begins daydreaming about how wonderful it

    would be to have her own shop. She had always wanted to run a store as a child. She grabs a pen and paper to write down the number and calls

    as soon as she gets home. A kind elderly man answers and explains how it was once a bookstore but he had to shut it down because of his

    health. He talks about how he loved that bookstore and had invested his whole life into it, owning it since he was only 20 years old. He says

    that he had been praying someone would call about it and that he wanted more than anything to see that bookstore up and running again.

    Ezra and Rhiannon talk it over and decide that it would be a good financial move for them. They go to the store to take a walk through it and

    see that it still has the original vintage mahogany bookshelves and everything. It was a lovely place and Rhiannon decides that it would prosper

    even more if they added in a coffee shop. By late October, Between the Lines is up and running.

    2025: It's August of 2025. Libby and Mav are four years old and Emmett is two. The kids have some friends over from the neighborhood along

    with their moms for an afternoon pool party. Rhiannon and the moms are enjoying the warm weather while watching the kids swim. The phone

    rings from inside of the house and Rhiannon runs to answer it, leaving the other moms to watch the kids. She picks up the phone and is

    surprised but happy to hear her mom on the other end. Her happiness though, quickly disipates when she hears the sadness in her mother's

    voice, "I'm sorry to tell you this, sweetheart but your grandmom and grandaddy passed away last night. They were in the car after dark and a

    drunk driver hit them head on. They both died on impact. I'm so sorry honey." Rhiannon doesn't know how to react so she just hangs up the

    phone and slides to the floor crying silently. They all travel to Cleveland for the funeral and they find that Rhiannon's grandparents left their

    home to her. She doesn't know how to react. She doesn't want to sell the home that her grandparents have lived in since they were married but

    she doesn't want to uproot her family and move all the way back to Ohio. Ezra and Rhiannon talk it over and think that it might be a good

    idea just to use it as a vacation home and pay her dad to come over and cut the grass and tend to things when needed.
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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    2026: It is May of 2026. Libby and Mav are five and Emmett is three. Rhiannon is tending to the shop with her children in the back playing when a woman with stiff blonde hair wearing a pencil skirt and blazer walks in. She asks her if she is Rhiannon O'Hara which she answers"Yes." The woman introduces herself as Yvette Harris from the Denver Post and asks if she could interview her. Rhiannon agrees, baffled. She asks where a could place to do the interview would be and Rhiannon leads her to the back of the shop. They are greeted by the screetches of the children playing and Rhiannon rolls her eyes. She had totally forgot she had her kids with her. Yvette smiles and tries not to show her annoyance. Rhiannon leads her to the beige sofa at the far side of the room and offers her to sit. The interview goes smoothly and the kids begin to grow on Yvette so she even throws some questions in for them.

    2027: It is the beginning of 2027. Libby and Mav are six and Emmett is four. Ezra and Rhiannon love their family but they are sad by how quickly the children are growing up. They decide that they want to try for another baby. It is March and Rhiannon knows that she has to be pregnant by now. She has been having cravings and things so she takes a pregnancy test. It comes up negative. She takes several more and they are all negative. They are upset, they really wanted another baby. So they try again but once more it is unsuccessful.

    2028: It is the day before Valentine's day. Libby and Mav are seven and Emmett is five. Ezra is home because he has the week off and they are all enjoying their time together. Rhiannon is especially excited because every year on Valentine's day, Ezra hires a babysitter and takes her out on an amazing date and each year it is something new and thoughtful. It is lunchtime and they are in the middle of a Just Dance party when the phone rings. Ezra's mother has fallen ill. She has cancer but had been doing really well for a while but has taken a turn for the worst. Ezra immediately runs to the bedroom to begin packing. This upsets Rhiannon because he didn't even talk to her about leaving. "Where are you going?" She asks him while he is throwing some clothes into his suitcase. "To help my mom. My dad can't do it all on his own." This makes Rhiannon really angry so she spits out, "Did you not even remember what tomorrow is?!" She wides her eyes immediately realizing how selfish that was. He just stares at her, really upset with how she reacted. He thought she'd be more compassionate than that. This argument turns really heated and ends in her saying, "Well maybe you need to just stay there!!" and him shouting back, "Well maybe I will!!" and him grabbing his things, quickly kissing the kids on the head and driving off to the airport. Rhiannon stays behind in the bedroom crying. The kids all run to their mom wanting to know why daddy left. Emmett asks "Will daddy be gone forever?" with tears in his eyes. Rhiannon simply answers, "I don't know honey." Ezra takes care of his mom and once he and Rhiannon both have had time to cool down he gets a flight back to Denver. He has been gone just over a week and he misses his family so badly he can't take it. He gets home at four in the morning and bursts throught the front door, ignoring the alarm going off. He runs up the stairs to his kids rooms and picks them all up giving them big hugs and kisses. He runs down the hallway towards his bedroom and Rhiannon slams the door open them scaring each other to death. They stare at each other for a few moments before hugging each other tightly and apologizing over and over again. Ezra takes Rhiannon out on their Valentine's day date the next evening and they both decide that it was the best one yet.

    2029: It's the end of January and Libby and Mav are eight and Emmett is six. Ezra and Rhiannon are still aching for another baby. Theyhave been trying for another all year and they are becoming more and more doubtful that they will ever have any more children. They decide that they will try one last time and if this one doesn't work, they will adopt another child. A month has passed and Ezra has accepted that it didn't work but Rhiannon is still hopeful. She wants another baby so badly because she only got to birth one child. She has taken three pregnancy tests and they all returned negative. The way she is holding on to this, wanting to be pregnant again is putting a strain on their marriage. It frustrates Ezra that she just can't let it go and adopt. She decides that the urine tests weren't enough to detect a pregnancy and wants to go to the doctor for a blood test. She sneaks to the doctor while the kids are at school and Ezra is at work. She is ecstatic when the pregnancy test comes back with a big fat positive. She decides she wants to tell Ezra creatively so she goes to a shirt making store in the mall. She gets shirts made for all of the kids saying, "I'm going to be a big sister!" for Libby and "I'm going to be a big brother!" for Mav and Emmett. She goes to pick the kids up from school and as soon as they get home she changes them into their new shirts. She has a delicious meal waiting on the table whenever Ezra gets home and the kids all lined up wearing their shirts. At first he is confused but he sees them all smiling huge and starts smiling too. "For real? Like for real?" he asks Rhiannon excitedly. She nods her head happily. He starts crying happy tears and runs to hug her. Months later it comes time to find out the gender. They decide that Ezra will find out the gender first and reveal it to Rhiannon and the kids creatively. He takes the first look at the ultra-sound screen and is overwhelmed with happiness. He couldn't wait to tell everyone. That night at the dinner table Ezra brings out a white box and sets it in the middle of the table. He opens it revealing three cupcakes. Two are frosted pink with a pink pacifier and one is blue with a blue pacifier. "We're having triplets!!" he shouts excitedly. Everyone is so happy and excited. Months later the triplets, Gwyneth Plum (Gwyn) O'Hara, Maisie Wren O'Hara & Beckham Crew (Beck) O'Hara are born.

    2030: It's late October and the triplets just celebrated their first birthday. Libby and Mav are nine and Emmett is seven. Ezra gets a job offer in Germany. The two of them are very surprised by the offer but they say that he will have much higher pay. They decide that it could be a fun new experience for the family but they're afraid of uprooting the kids out of school and away from their friends to take them to a new place. They have a family meeting with the children to see what they would think about moving to a new country. Everyone is excited about the thought of it except for Libby. She says that she is afraid of moving away from her home and having to meet new people. Ezra and Rhiannon understand that Libby is afraid because she's already had enough change in her life. A week later Libby comes and talks to Rhiannon and says that she might be okay with moving. She says that she is afraid but she doesn't want to hold back the family from a new experience or daddy from a new job. Rhiannon hugs her and tells her that she doesn't have to worry about anything and that no one wants to do anything that would make her sad or uncomfortable. She insists that she is okay with moving. Rhiannon sells Between the Lines and everything in it to the previous owner's son whom she trusts will take good care of it. They pack all of their things and the next thing they know they're spending their first Christmas in Munich, Germany.

    2031: It's April and Ezra, Rhiannon and the kids are finally adjusting to their new life in the beautiful city of Munich. Libby and Mav are the big ten, Emmett is eight and the triplets are eighteen months old. The kids have been begging for a pet for years so Ezra and Rhiannon decide that the triplets are old enough to have a pet in the house. They adopt a male Huskey from the animal shelter which they name Hugo and a female fluffy white cat which they name Isla.

    2032: It's September and the triplets are nearly three years old. Libby and Mav are eleven and Emmett is nine. Rhiannon decides that she wants another baby but Ezra thinks that she is absolutely crazy. Finally he gives in and they try for another baby but are unsuccessful. Just like when they were trying to get pregnant with the triplets, they try several times and each time they are unsuccessful.

    2033: Libby and Mav are twelve years old, Emmett is ten and the triplets are four. Rhiannon is interviewed on a famous German talk show for her volunteer work at the local orphanage. They are intrigued by her compassion towards the orphans and she opens up about adopting Libby and Maverick. The talk show host and the audience are all touched by their stories. The show all in all definitely raised awareness for orphans and was a big success.

    2034: It's March and Libby and Mav are thirteen years old and Emmett is eleven. The triplets are still four. Rhiannon is upset that her babies are growing up and are teenagers already. Neither her nor Ezra can believe how quickly the times has passed. Rhiannon still wants another baby to care for so Ezra gives in and tells her that they will try once more. Suprisingly it is successful and nine months later she gives birth to a baby boy named Archer Rhys O'Hara. They find out days after he is born that he is hearing impaired and probably completely deaf. They are all saddened by this news but know that he will make it through.
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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