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    Wyatt & Kristina Parker
    Married at age 23.
    Country themed wedding. Honeymoon in Dubai. Moved to Nashville.

    Year 1: Your family moves into a mansion (or a really big house)! What does it look like?

    Year 2: A friend or family member has a baby girl. What do they name her?
    Bree Nicole

    Year 3: Your family goes on vacation. Where do you go to?

    Year 4: You adopt boy/girl twins.
    Wesley Matthew & Payton Sophia

    Year 5: Your family moves to a city in Texas. Where do you move to?
    Ft. Worth

    Year 6: A close friend dies and leaves his/her 3-year-old son to you and DH. What is the boy's name?
    Keyton Thomas

    Year 7: Nephew gets married.
    Hayden marries Avery.

    Year 8: 8, then a 7: You and a family member or friend go into business together. What kind of business do you go into? How does it turn out?
    Childrens clothing boutique with sister.

    Year 9: You have triplets, two boys and a girl.
    Levi Cooper, Ryan Dean, & Harper Elise

    Year 10: You or one of your family members has a scene in a movie or TV show! What movie/show and what is your roll? Wesley has a role in a family show.

    Year 11: A friend or family member has a baby girl. What do they name her?
    Layla Hope

    Year 12: Your family adopts a dog and a cat. What breeds are they and what are their names?
    Basset Hound & Calico: Rupert & Jilly

    Year 13: Your family moves to a city in Texas. Where do you move to?

    Year 14: A friend or family member has a baby boy. What do they name him?
    Andrew Mason

    Year 15: Cousin gets married.
    Addison marries Connor

    Year 16: You have a single baby. Gender is your choice.
    Ella Cole

    Year 17: Something happens to your home and your family is forced to move in with relatives. How does that work out? How long are you there for? What does your new home look like (if you manage to get one)?
    We have a house fire. The space is limited but DH's sister loves having us there. We are there for a few months until we could buy another home.

    Year 18: Your or DH's younger sibling comes to stay with your family. Why are they there and for how long? What significant changes are in your family?
    Husbands little brother Lucas and his 5 year old twin girls Signy & Halsey come to stay for 3 months while they search for a home.

    Year 19: You are interviewed on a talk show! What show is it? What did you do to be interviewed?
    My clothing store has become famous.

    Year 20: Your family gets a cat. What kind of cat and what do you name it?
    Siamese: Misha

    Family: (43)
    Wyatt & Kristina Parker
    Keyton Thomas Parker (17)
    Wesley Matthew Parker (16)
    Payton Sophia Parker (16)
    Levi Cooper Parker (11)
    Ryan Dean Parker (11)
    Harper Elise Parker (11)
    Ella Cole Parker (4)

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    Clairie Elizabeth & Jude Alexander Matthews
    Married in 2020, in a little church in France.
    Honeymooned for two weeks in South Africa.
    First home: a two-bedroom white chalet in Lugano, Switzerland.

    Year 1: Clairie and Jude decide to establish a charity foundation for children and families affected by childhood cancer. The foundation, called Knots of Love, sends woven bracelets and large checks to the children, their families, and research facilities.

    Year 2: When Jude, who is in the military, gets transferred, the relatively-newlyweds say good-bye to their Swiss town and move to Liverpool, England. Their new house is a three-bedroom, old, brown stone home surrounded by trimmed green bushes.

    Year 3: Clairie and Jude meet a boy called Samson Michael McCartney through Jude's job. He is eighteen, divorced, and living alone. Samson's new girlfriend, though, is pregnant, barely making any money, and has already made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the baby. Clairie and Jude adopt Samson's daughter when she is born, and they call her Skylar Elizabeth Matthews.

    Year 4: Clairie, who is a champion equestrian, wins a dressage show. With the winnings of 250,000 pounds, the family is able to fix up their house, donate a good sum to Knots of Love, and help Jude's eighteen-year-old half-sister Johanna Reece Langley out of debt.

    Year 5: Jude and Clairie decide to try and have their first biological baby, and when they do they wind up with triplets! Three healthy baby boys are born eight months later. Clairie and Jude call them Chase Michael, Jack Samuel, and Spencer Lucas.

    Year 6: The family of six relocates to a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, when Jude is again transferred. The new house is white with blue shutters and has a sprawling yard dotted with oak trees.

    Year 7: Clairie's good friend from high school, Breanna Caitlin Hightower, dies in a car crash. When the will was read, Breanna had left her three-year-old son to Clairie. Because nobody knew of the little boy's father or his family, Clairie and Jude fly out to Missouri and adopt Breanna's son. His name is Brayden Joseph Hightower.

    Year 8: Clairie unexpectedly gets pregnant. Nine months later, she has twin boys, called Eric James and Henry Peter.

    Year 9: Jude finishes serving his military time and the family doesn't have to move. So, they go on a vacation to the beach in Florida and spend days and nights at a resort. Everyone has a great time.

    Year 10: Clairie and her neighbor, Nathalie Pennington, start an arts shop in the town. Its name is Pennington's and it sells expensive pens, journals, paint brushes, paints, canvases, the like.

    Year 11: Jude's favorite cousin, Colin Hathaway, loses his wife. The family moves to Phoenix, Arizona, to be closer to their family. The new house is light brown sandstone with a red roof. The porch is covered with bright flowers in clay vases.

    Year 12: Clairie's friend from Knots of Love, Keira Wylie, dies of very fishy unknown causes. Her husband is nowhere to be found, and neither is her family, so the state of Louisiana lets Clairie and Jude adopt Keira's three-year-old son, Nathan Robert Wylie.

    Year 13: Colin Hathaway's daughter, Jessenia Hathaway, has just started preschool when she comes home telling of two kids who sat behind her school and asked the teacher for something to eat. This shocked both families, and the Matthews notified the police. The police found out that the kids, a boy and a girl, were twins being deprived of food by their mother for two weeks. The mother lost custody, and through lots of court cases and hearings Clairie and Jude are able to adopt the twins. The twins are five and named Mitchell Cameron and Allyson Marie.

    Year 14: Clairie unexpectedly has identical twin girls! The girls are named Cecilia Mary and Kayla Bridget.

    Year 15: The family gets interviewed on a talk show because one-year-old Cecilia took an IQ test and got 157.

    Year 16: Clairie and Jude hear, through a friend, about twin boys left on a highway and now in need of a good family. Clairie and Jude adopt the four-week-old boys and call them David Anthony and Cole Brandon.

    Year 17: The family is again interviewed on a talk show. This time for having so many kids.

    Year 18: Clairie unexpectedly has a son! His name is Noah George.

    Year 19: Clairie and Jude try for a daughter and are pregnant for two weeks, and very sadly lose the baby. On a better note, the Knots of Love staff is interviewed on a talk show.

    Year 20: Jude and Clairie decide to become foster parents. Their first foster child is a sad, sullen little girl called Lilly Kennedy who opens up into a budding, happy girl after a few weeks.

    Skylar Matthews - 18
    Brayden Hightower - 17
    Chase Matthews, Jack Matthews, and Spencer Matthews - 16
    Eric Matthews and Henry Matthews; Mitchell Matthews and Allyson Matthews - 13
    Nathan Wylie - 12
    Cecilia Matthews and Kayla Matthews; Lilly Kennedy - 6
    David Matthews and Cole Matthews - 4
    Noah Matthews - 2
    -- Lottie --

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    Maycomb County, Alabama
    DW's name is Savvy Elizabeth Mendler and DH's name is Elliot Isaac Mendler. They were married in 2012 at the age of 20.

    2013: Savvy and Elliot being a Charity for Autism Awareness.
    2014: Savvy and Elliot move to Berlin, Germany.
    2015: Savvy and Elliot move to Miami, Florida.
    2016: One of Savvy's close friends, Natalia Russo dies and leaves her 3-year-old son to Savvy and Elliot. His name is Cameron Heath Mendler.
    2017: Savvy and Elliot adopt a baby girl named Eloise (Loie) Violet Mendler.
    2018: The family adopts a 2-year-old Golden Retriever named Copper.
    2019: Savvy and Elliot have boy/girl twins named Flynn Isaac and Klariza Ivy Mendler.
    2020: The family adopts a 4-year-old Teacup Labradoodle named Lola.
    2021: Savvy and Elliot adopt triplets, two girls and a boy. Their names are Stella Elizabeth, Aria Felicity and Channing River Mendler.
    2022: Elliot's great grandmother Pearl passes away and leaves them her home. It is large, beautiful and located outside of Atlanta, GA.
    2023: Savvy and Elliot adopt a baby girl named Mollie Pearl (In memory of great grandmother Pearl)
    2024: Savvy gets a tattoo on her lower back with a picture of a tiny angel in memory of Natalia.
    2025: Savvy and Elliot have twin girls named Katia (Kat) Winslet and Kyrie Natalia Mendler.
    2026: Savvy is interviewed on a talk show. It is the Ellen Show and she is interviewed for the charity that she and Elliot founded.
    2027: They adopt a baby boy named Cooper Rhys Mendler.
    2028: The whole family relocates to Denver, Colorado. They put up great grandmother Pearl's house for sale.
    2029: Savvy and Elliot have twin boys named Hudson Finley and Holden Atticus Mendler.
    2030: Savvy and Elliot have twin girls named Teddy Harper and Leighton Phoebe Mendler.
    2031: Savvy and Elliot have twins, one boy and one girl. They name them Brady Quentin and Bridget Skye Mendler.
    2032: They adopt boy/girl twins. They are named Leland Kai and Lucy Fiona Mendler.

    After 20 years, the whole family:
    DW: Savvy Elizabeth Mendler, 40

    DH: Elliot Isaac Mendler, 40

    DS#1: Cameron Heath Mendler, 19, adopted

    DD#1: Eloise (Loie) Violet Mendler, 16, adopted

    DS#2 & DD#2: Flynn Isaac and Klariza Ivy Mendler, 14

    DD#3, DD#4 & DS#3: Stella Elizabeth, Aria Felicity and Channing River Mendler, 12, adopted

    DD#5: Mollie Pearl Mendler, 10, adopted

    DD#6 & DD#7: Katia (Kat) Winslet and Kyrie Natalia Mendler, 8

    DS#4: Cooper Rhys Mendler, 6, adopted

    DS#5 & DS#6: Hudson Finley and Holden Atticus Mendler, 4

    DD#8 & DD#9: Teddy Harper and Leighton Phoebe Mendler, 3

    DS#7 & DD#10: Brady Quentin and Bridget Skye Mendler, 2

    DS#8 & DD#11: Leland Kai and Lucy Fiona Mendler, 8 months, adopted
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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    Barry Richard and Teresa Dene Kander, married on May 31, 2003. Barry was 28 and Teresa was 21. We honeymooned for a week in the Bahamas, after which we returned to our home in Phoenix, Arizona.

    2003: We adopted a dog and a cat. Our dog is a male Boston Terrier named Jack, and our cat is a female Siamese named Keiko.

    2004: We doubled our family size when our twin sons were born this year! We named them Jacob Chandler Kander and Benjamin Alexander Kander

    2005: This year, we packed up the pets and the boys and moved cross-country. Our new home is in Salem, Massachusetts.

    2006: Our family increased again this year when we adopted twin five year old boys from Ethiopia,Daniel Hakeem Kander and David Melaku Kander

    2007: This has been quite a year. Barry's mother, Adele, who lived in Boston, developed health issues which made it impossible for her to continue to live on her own. We decided to add a room onto our home and move her in with us. It has been an adjustment, but one that seems to be beneficial to all of us.

    2008: And our family has grown yet again. This year we adopted 6 yr old triplets--two girls and a boy--from Germany. Their names are Liesl Adeline Kander, Johanna Grace Kander and Hans Jesse Kander.

    2009: Sadly, this year Teresa's best friend, Dave Rigsby, passed away this year, leaving behind two young daughters. We have opened our home to 3 yr old Marisa Rose and 2 yr old Rebecca Anne and are in the process of adopting them, at which time their last names will become Rigsby-Kander.

    2010: We were finally able to realize a dream of ours this year by opening a bookstore, which we call Tomes and Treasures.

    2011: We have let the kids talk us into adding a parrot to our household this year. She is a beautiful blue and yellow Macaw, and her name is Aruba

    2012: We seem to have a penchant for multiples. This year we adopted triplet 1 yr. old boys, whose names are Robert Quinn Kander, Richard Isaiah Kander, and Raymond Geoffrey Kander

    2013: After losing Barry's mother last year, we decided it was time to make another brand new start. We sold the book store and our house in Salem, Massachusetts, and relocated to Amarillo, Texas this summer. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new location and settling in to a comfortable routine.

    2014: Enjoying life in Texas didn't last very long, unfortunately. Barry and Teresa separated in March of this year, and were apart for six months. The children were very unhappy, as were both of their parents. After much counseling and hard work on both our parts, we were able to reunite in time to enjoy the holidays as a family.

    2015: Nine months after reuniting, we were blessed with triplets...all boys! Their names are Hunter Matthias Kander, Harrison Todd Kander and Holden Maxwell Kander

    2016: This year, Barry's younger brother, Stuart Anderson Kander, who is 22 and just out of college, moves in with us when he starts his new job here in Amarillo. He stays for six months while getting on his feet, and then moves into his own apartment.

    2017: We have a baby girl this year..our first single birth. We named her Adrienne Elizabeth Kander.

    2018: Barry's brother Stuart got married this year to his college sweetheart, Cassandra Dawn Lennon. Barry was best man, Leisl, Johanna, Marisa and Rebecca were junior bridesmaids, and Jacob, Benjamin, Daniel and David were ushers. It was a beautiful ceremony, and a fun-filled day.

    2019: We've missed working together, so we decide to open a new bookstore/coffe shop here in Amarillo. We call it Literature and Latte, and it's already a huge success.

    2020: Falling back on our penchant for multiples, this year we adopted two beautiful Persian kittens, Lynx and Avalon

    2021: Cassandra decides to open a daycare center, and asks Teresa to go into business with her. They name it Kid Karnival

    2022: This year we adopted three more children...2 yr old triplets. Their names are Larissa Harley Kander, Lorelei Breanne Kander and Landon Thomas Kander

    Barry Richard (48) and Teresa Dene Kander (41)
    Jacob Chandler Kander and Benjamin Alexander Kander (18)
    Daniel Hakeem Kander and David Melaku Kander (21)
    Liesl Adeline Kander, Johanna Grace Kander and Hans Jesse Kander. (20)
    Marisa Rose Rigsby-Kander (16)
    Rebecca Anne Rigsby-Kander (15)
    Robert Quinn Kander, Richard Isaiah Kander, and Raymond Geoffrey Kander (11)
    Hunter Matthias Kander, Harrison Todd Kander and Holden Maxwell Kander (7)
    Adrienne Elizabeth Kander (5)
    Larissa Harley Kander, Lorelei Breanne Kander and Landon Thomas Kander (2)

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    DW: Haley Marie Brawley
    DH: Connor Patrick Brawley

    Year 1:
    I have triplet boys.
    B/B/B: Declan Rhys & Callum Patrick & Riley Cormac

    Year 2:
    I have boy/boy/girl triplets.
    B/B/G: Kason Adam & Kyler Jacob & Alexia Paige

    Year 3:
    I have boy/girl twins.
    B/G: Zane Lennox & Leila Grace

    Year 4:
    Life Event: I am unexpectedly pregnant with twins
    B/G: Xander Brock & Charlotte Lydia

    Year 5:
    Life Event: The family goes on vacation
    We go to Orlando, Florida

    Year 6:
    I have a single baby girl
    G: Eliza Leighton

    Year 7:
    I have twin boys
    B/B: Parker Jordan & Porter Davis

    Year 8:
    Life Event: The family gets a dog
    Golden Lab named Rex

    Year 9:
    We adopt triplet girls
    G/G/G: Madelyn Judith & Keira Elizabeth & Emery Rachel

    Year 10:
    I have triplet boys
    B/B/B: Gavin Michael & Gage Matthew & Griffin Miles

    Year 11:
    Life Event: A friend has a baby boy.
    She names him Atticus Levi

    Year 12:
    Life Event: We adopt a baby boy
    B: Kobe Crosby

    Year 13:
    I have boy/girl twins
    B/G: Easton James & Alanna Summer

    Year 14:
    Life Event: The family goes on vacation
    We go to Italy

    Year 15:
    I have girl/girl/boy triplets
    G/G/B: Stella Hazel & Sophia Violet & Sawyer Dean

    Year 16:
    Life Event: I am unexpectedly pregnant with twin boys
    B/B: Beckett Phoenix & Jaxon Slater

    Year 17:
    Life Event: My sister-in-law and I open a daycare center.
    We call it "ABC Academy"

    Year 18:
    I have boy/girl twins
    B/G: Lucas Andrew & Payton Sydney

    Year 19:
    I have triplet boys
    B/B/B: Colton Paul & Rowan Tyler & Logan Harold

    Year 20:
    Life Event: The family adopts a new pet
    A German shepherd named Dash

    The Brawley Family
    Haley & Connor
    Declan & Callum & Riley & Kason & Kyler & Zane & Xander & Parker & Porter & Gavin & Gage & Griffin & Kobe & Easton & Sawyer & Beckett & Jaxon & Lucas & Colton & Rowan & Logan
    Alexia & Leila & Charlotte & Eliza & Madelyn & Keira & Emery & Alanna & Stella & Sophia & Payton
    Rex & Dash

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