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    Charity Jada Walker [23] & Frank Andrew Walker [26]
    Year of Marriage: 2019
    Wedding colours: Red, White & Black
    Honeymoon: Ireland
    Home City: Ankeny, IA

    YEAR #1: 2019: Pregnancy
    Adoption: Baby Boy
    Name: Jack William Alexander Walker

    YEAR #2: 2020: Event
    Pet: Parrot
    Name: Kevin

    YEAR #3: 2021: Event
    Tattoo: Side
    What: Jack's initials.

    YEAR #4: 2022: Pregnancy
    Twins: Boy/Girl
    Names: Miles Beckett Walker & Harper Londyn Walker

    Year #5: 2023: Event
    Business: Daycare Center
    Name: Yellow Bees Daycare

    Year #6: 2024: Event
    Vacation: Ireland

    Year #7: 2025: Event
    Piercing: Second ears

    Year #8: 2026: Pregnancy
    Triplets: two boys, one girl
    Names: Theodore Henri Walker, Thaddeus Sebastian Walker & Penelope Carmen Walker

    Year #9: 2027: Event
    New House: 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

    Year #10: 2028: Event
    Job: DH gets promotion

    Year #11: 2029: Pregnancy
    Triplets: Boys
    Names: Brendon Dominic Walker, Damian Vincent Walker, Valent Broderick Walker

    Year #12: 2030: Event
    Pet: Dog
    Breed: Husky
    Name: Eclipse

    Year #13: 2031: Event
    Pets: Two Dogs
    Breed: Black Labs
    Names: Knight & Guinness

    Year #14: 2032: Event
    Unexpected Pregnancy: Twins
    Genders: Boys
    Names: Nathan Harley Walker & Rian Oliver Walker

    Year #15: 2033: Event
    Pet: Cat
    Breed: Tuxedo
    Name: Bentley

    Year #16: 2034: Event
    Reality Show: Multiples!

    Year #17: 2035: Pregnancy
    Triplets: Boys
    Names: Patrick Joseph Walker, Niall Franklin Walker & Camryn Michael Walker

    Year #18: 2036: Event
    Pet: Parrot
    Name: Laney

    Year #19: 2037: Pregnancy
    Twins: Boy/Girl
    Names: Raymond Luca Walker & Francesca Anne Walker

    Year #20: 2038: Event
    Mansion: 10 bedrooms, 12 Bathrooms

    Charity Jada Walker [43]
    Frank Andrew Walker [46]

    Jack Alexander William Walker [19]
    Miles Beckett Walker [16]
    Harper Londyn Walker [16]
    Theodore Henri Walker [12] "Teddy"
    Thaddeus Sebastian Walker [12] "Thad"
    Penelope Carmen Walker [12] "Penny"
    Brendon Dominic Walker [9]
    Damian Vincent Walker [9]
    Valent Broderick Walker [9]
    Nathan Harley Walker [6] "Nate"
    Rian Oliver Walker [6]
    Patrick Joseph Walker [3]
    Niall Franklin Walker [3]
    Camryn Michael Walker [3]
    Raymond Luca Walker [1] "Ray"
    Francesca Anne Walker [1] "Franny"
    I'm not a mummy yet, nor will I be for a while, but I am an auntie to these beautiful kiddos:
    Jamie, Maddi, Izzy, Lou-Lou, Freya, Evie, Zak and Elise

    Favourite names:
    Jack, Ryan, Miles, Isaac, Dalton
    Sarah, Paisley, Lola, Lindsay, Amélie

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    Juliette Rae and Reece Langston Hastings were married in 2011 in Richmond, Virginia. Juliette is a freelance writer, and Reece is a young attorney.

    Year 1: Reece and Juliette decide they want to have a child right away. They are suprised and excited to find out that they are having triplets. In November, Juliette gives birth to two daughters, Adelaide Pearl (Addie) and Seraphine Jewel, and a boy, Elliot Langston.

    Year 2: When the triplets are a few months old, Reece and Juliette move to Reece's hometown of Dallas, Texas, where Reece's parents help them buy an old farmhouse. Juliette starts work on her first novel, and Reece gets a job at a local law firm.

    Year 3: Juliette's younger brother Jamie, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, moves to Dallas to stay with the family while he gets his head together. Reece and Juliette appreciate Jamie's help with their three rambunctious two-year-olds. After celebrating Christmas with the family, Jamie finds a place of his own nearby.

    Year 4: When the Addie, Seraphine, and Elliot are three, Juliette's first novel comes out, and Reece and Juliette discover they're expecting twins. In September, Juliette gives birth to twin sons named Jasper Leland and Silas Gabriel.

    Year 5: In 2016, Juliette and Jamie decide to open an antique store together called Second Chances. Jamie turns out to be a talented businessman, and the store thrives.

    Year 6: In 2017, an old college friend of the Hastings passes away, and leaves his only child, a three-year-old boy named Landry James, to Reece and Juliette. They adopt the boy, and he becomes Landry James Hastings.

    Year 7: Though they love Texas, the family moves to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Reece gets a job offer with a law firm.

    Year 8: The family is barely settled in their new house in Santa Fe when Reece and Juliette learn that they're expecting again. In February, they have triplets, two boys named Christian Hart and Henry Cash (Huck), and a girl, Rebecca Scarlett (Becca).

    Year 9: The next year, Juliette discovers she's unexpectedly pregnant. She and Reece welcome a girl, Evangeline Rae (Evie) in July.

    Year 10: There is a flurry of excitement as one of Juliette's novels is made into a movie. Reece, Juliette, and their six older children attend the premiere.

    Year 11: The Hastings family move back to Dallas when their youngest daughter is two years old. They buy several acres of land and build a large ranch house.

    Year 12: The family buys a Golden Lab puppy, which they name Watson.

    Year 13: The children tell Reece and Juliette that Watson is lonely and needs a friend. After discussing it, Reece and Juliette decide to adopt another pet. When they arrive at the pound to choose a pet, they fall in love with two cats and bring them both home--a Ginger Tabby named Venturo and an American Wirehair named Calico.

    Year 14: In 2025, the Hastings family attends the wedding of Reece's nephew Clay and his girlfriend, Katie.

    Year 15: The next year, the Hastings welcomes a baby boy, Jesse Dallas.

    Year 16: Landry finds a tiny little teacup poodle that doesn't have a home. Reece and Juliette agree to let the dog stay, and Landry names him Cruz.

    Year 17: A longtime family friend of the Hastings dies and leaves behind her two daughters, four-year-old Sophie Katherine and three-year-old Rosalie Grace. Reece and Juliette adopt them, and they become Sophie and Rosalie Hastings.

    Year 18: Jamie and his girlfriend of three years, Elizabeth, marry in June. Reece stands up for the couple as a groomsman, and Juliette as a bridesmaid. Sophie and Rosalie are flower girls.

    Year 19: As parents of 12 children, the eldest of which are almost ready to start college, Reece and Juliette are suprised but thrilled to welcome a baby boy, Avery Jonah.

    Year 20: Twenty years and thirteen kids later, Juliette and Reece decide to take a second honeymoon. Jamie and Elizabeth agree to watch the younger children, so Reece and Juliette can take a long-awaited vacation to Ireland.

    The Hastings Family
    Parents: Reece and Juliette
    Kids: Addie (19), Seraphine (19), Elliot (19), Landry (17), Jasper (15), Silas (15), Christian (12), Huck (12), Becca (12), Sophie (7), Rosalie (6), Jesse (5), and Avery (1)
    Pets: Watson, Venturo, Calico, and Cruz
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Tobias ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Josephine ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Stanley

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    Madeleine Grace McGillfillan & John Colin McGillfillan (23 & 28)
    Married in August 2012, in an amusement park in Pennsylvania
    Honeymooned in Hawaii
    Came home from Hawaii and bought a house in Denver, Colorado

    2013: John Colin and I decide to become foster parents. We take in a six-year-old little girl, called Emily Anne Wheatley. She lights up our lives and we become a family, formally and legally, on Christmas.

    2014: I get a new job that is pretty cool - I become a designer for ModCloth.

    2015: Emily gets a part acting in a TV show! Alas, though, she only has two lines and only appears once, but we are overjoyed for her. Her role was Girl by Ice Cream Truck.

    2016: John Colin and I become unexpectedly pregnant! Nine months later, we have a little boy - Noah James McGillfillan.

    2017: My fourteen-year-old sister, Alexandra Marie Knowles, comes to stay with us while our parents are getting a divorce. She only stays for a year, but overall she was a great addition to our family. She helped out with Noah and Emily and was very grateful. We were all sad to have her go.

    2018: Now that Noah is a bit older, John Colin and I decide to have another baby. Matthew Elliott McGillfillan (Matt) is born soon after.

    2019: Our family welcomes twins! One is a little girl, Julia Claire McGillfillan, and the other is a baby boy, Henry Michael McGillfillan.

    2020: John Colin and I decided with five kids; we were done. But God had other plans. We have a baby girl called Christina Marie McGillfillan.

    2021: This time, it's my husband who gets a cool new job. He becomes a chef for a five-star restaurant.

    2022: With six kids, we decide to move to a new house. We move to a bigger house in a nicer suburb. This new white house has a patio and pool, plus five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

    2023: When we moved into our new house, we found it had a huge problem - bugs. Our belongings were quickly put in to storage, and it took exterminators a year to get the bugs out. Meanwhile, our family stayed with John's parents. That was very stressful. My parents weren't used to having six kids running around and were often irritable. We make the best of it, though, and move back into our new house around Halloween.

    2024: With Emily about to graduate, John Colin and I decided to have another baby. I was able to get pregnant, but the pregnancy was hard and we lost the baby at twenty weeks. Her name would have been Maeve Elizabeth. Four months later, though, on a brighter note, I fell unexpectedly pregnant! I gave birth to a baby boy, Thomas Andrew McGillfillan, soon after.

    2025: Our family decides to move again. This time, we move to Albequerque.

    2026: The same agency that gave us Emily decides to have us foster another child. This time, a six-year-old little boy called Brayden Anthony Ellis comes to live with us.

    2027: John Colin's sister Isobella has a baby girl, who she calls Breanna Grace Farrington.

    2028: I give birth to twins, a baby boy and a baby girl, in April. The baby boy is called Mark Andrew McGillfillan and the baby girl is called Sarah Elizabeth McGillfillan.

    2029: Our neighbor, Christian Joseph Taylor, dies in a car crash. We are all devastated and were very surprio see that he left his two daughters in the care of John Colin and I. After four months of court negotiations (their mother was out of the picture), we adopt four-year-old Sophia Lynn and three-year-old Joanna Grace.

    2030: I get a small tattoo, of all of the kids' initials, on my upper arm. Also, this year we formally adopted Brayden, Sophia, and Joanna.

    2031: Our family needs a bigger house. So we move to one in Austin, Texas.

    2032: Our family decides to move to England, where the kids go to an American school. We move to London.

    Our Family
    John Colin McGillfillan (48) and Madeleine McGillfillan (43)
    Emily McGillfillan (26)
    Noah McGillfillan (23)
    Matt McGillfillan (21)
    Julia McGillfillan (20) & Henry McGillfillan (20)
    Christina McGillfillan (19) & Brayden Ellis (19)
    Maeve McGillfillan (dec. would be 15) & Thomas McGillfillan (15)
    Sophia McGillfillan (14)
    Joanna McGillfillan (13)
    Mark McGillfillan (11) & Sarah McGillfillan (11)
    -- Lottie --

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    Write down your name and DH's name, and the year you were married, and how old you were. Also, describe your wedding, honeymoon, and first home in the city you decide to move to once you're married.

    If you decide to have a child this year,

    3, then a 5: You have triplets. Genders are your choice.

    My name was Rachel Catherine Monroe. Last year I married my childhood sweetheart, Daniel Oisin Blakeley in Sydney Australia. The wedding was pretty low key-just family and friends. We had been living near my parents in Sydney, but, as a married 26 year old woman, I felt it was time for a change. Now, three months before my 27th birthday, Dan and I are living in New England and have just given birth to identical triplets. It's not very common to have three identical little boys and they're the talk of all our family and friends back home. They're just beautiful.

    Lochlan Robert Alexander Blakeley
    Henry Peter Drennan Blakeley
    Michael Dawson Monroe Blakeley

    Dan and Rachel Blakeley welcome Lockie Blakeley, Harry Blakeley and Mickey Blakeley to the world.

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    Alix Sophronia Howe (26) & Peter Malachy MacPherson (28), married June 14th, 2013 in San Francisco, CA. Our wedding was a short simple one on the beach. We honeymoon in Europe and we like it so much we decide to move into a flat in London, England.

    2013: We adopt a King Charles Spaniel named Charlie

    2014: We have triplets! We welcome three girls: Kate Evangeline, Poppy Annemarie, and Maeve Francesca

    2015: Peter's great grandmother dies and leaves us 5 million dollars in her will! We move to a bigger house in the suburbs of London and empty the rest into the girls college funds.

    2016: We take Kate, Poppy and Maeve on their first trip to Disney World.

    2017: Kate, Poppy and Maeve beg for little sisters so we adopt fraternal triplet girls from from Russia: We call them Anna Winter, Charlotte Tatiana, and Victoria Snow.

    2018: Peter's younger sister Emma comes to stay with us. She istays for the whole year and is a big help with the six girls.

    2019: I become unexpectedly pregnant with identical twin boys. Peter is so happy to have sons! We call them Oliver Leo and Simon Casey.

    2020: We adopt two dogs, German Shepards named Oscar and Felix

    2021: I have triplets again. This time its two girls and a boy. There names are: Rose "Rosie" Emmeline, Alice Mabel, and Benjamen Cole

    2022: The oldest triplets have been begging for a cat so we adopt one named Luna.

    2023: We move to an estate in Cornwall where there is more room for our eleven kids!

    2024: We have a baby boy named Reed Michael

    2025: Me and my friend Allison go into publishing together. We make a lot of money

    2026: We move back to the states in order to expand our business. Boston, Mass

    2027: We have triplets again, girls again: Ruby Josephine, Lila Primrose, and Eloise Maple, identical.

    2028: I have a single baby girl: Rowan Jane

    2029: My niece Caroline gets married

    2030: I become unexpectedly pregnant with identical twin girls: Bryony Louise and Natalie Ever

    2031: Our family relocates to the Hudson River Valley, for a change of scenery.

    2032: We have twins again: Two boys named Harrison Alex and James Nicholas

    2033: We are interviewed on Doctor Oz for my uncanny ability to produce multiples!

    Our kids: Kate, Poppy and Maeve (19), Anna, Charlie, and Toria (16), Oliver and Simon (14), Rosie, Alice and Ben (12), Reed (9), Ruby, Lila and Elo (6), Rowan (5), Bryony and Natalie (3), Harry and Jay (1)
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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