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    My name is Hannah Louisa Gray and husbands name is Elijah Lee Gray we were 17 and 19 when we got married with my parents permission. It was a whirl wind romance after being together for a year we got married here in our home town, this was my wedding dress
    It was a beautiful day for us both.
    I am in College studying Journalism and Elijah is at University doing a degree in photography, we live in Leeds, England in our own apartment which has 2 bedrooms

    Year One: Elijah and I are in for quite a big surprise when we find out that I am pregnant! I was on the contraceptive pill plus we hadn't planned on having any children for at least another five years or so... We accept the fact we're going to be parents and start to get excited about the idea, we look at how we would decorate the second bedroom, we think of names for him or her and just generally can't wait for their safe arrival.
    At the scan we find out we're having boy/girl twins and we're thrilled!! Its a really smooth pregnancy and at 33 weeks I go into labor whilst doing our weekly shop in Tesco my waters broke and contractions started and progressed very quickly. A member of staff phoned an ambulance and be time they got there I was well established. Elijah met me at the hospital and within 20 minutes of getting there and after a total of 1 hour and 35 minutes of being in labor our beautiful twins were born on June 6th, Noah Lee Gray weighing 4plbs 2oz and his sister Olivia Louisa Gray weighing 3plbs 11oz. They're just perfect!

    Year Two: My cousin, Kate who's also 18 and I open up a business together. We decide to run our own bookstore in the city centre. We call it page to page.

    Year Three: We make a move to Manchester, England to a beautiful 4 bedroom house in the city. Its perfect for us with plenty of space for Noah and Olivia to grow up in.

    Year Four: Kate now 20 gets married to her fiancee David in a beautiful outdoor wedding.

    Year Five: Noah and Olivia are both now Four years old and going into their first year of school, both Elijah and I have decided that it is the right time to start TTC another little member of our family. It doesn't take long for me to fall pregnant and we're so excited!
    A few months along we find out we're expecting a baby boy, Noah and Olivia are so happy about the idea of a baby brother but Olivia is a little disappointed as she was hoping for a sister.
    Born on December 1st weighing 5plbs 8oz our gorgeous little boy, Toby Elijah Gray is born.

    Year Six: Elijah has a big job opportunity over in the States. Its a tough decision whether we should move over there for it or not, especially with the idea that Noah and Olivia have only just started school and would have to settle into a new one and One year old Toby would have his routine shaken for awhile. We decide to go over there for 3 weeks and when we come back we decide that yes, Elijah will take the job and we move into a 6 bedroom house in Boston, MA.

    Year Seven: I get a tattoo of a butterfly just above my ankle. I also wanted a tattoo but one that was small and simple so I would never regret it.

    Year Eight: Noah and Olivia are now Seven years old and Toby is Three. We have a very happy little surprise when we make the discovery that I am pregnant!
    The kids are all so excited at the thought of a new baby in the house, especially Olivia who has her hopes set on a girl... again!
    We choose not to find out the sex of this baby and to just have a lovely surprise, like this baby is.
    At 37 weeks I go into labor and after 6 hours our beautiful newborn son arrives on September 21st, his name is Dylan Patrick Gray and he weighs 6plbs 2oz. All the kids love him, even Olivia who says she's glad the baby was a boy as now she doesn't have to share her dollys. (but she will!)

    Year Nine: We may have forgotten how fertile you can be after having a baby and when Dylan is only One year old, TWO little babies join our family!!d
    We're having twin girls, Eight year old Olivia is thrilled at the thought of two baby sisters but Noah and Toby are not impressed, Dylan is obviously to young to fully understand.
    Born 2 weeks early, on June 13th weighing 4plbs 9oz and 4plbs 3oz our identical twin girls arrive, Elsie Mae Gray and Grace Lilly Gray.

    Year Ten: A new job opportunity has come up again for Elijah in Texas, Its a fantastic job with brilliant money it would just mean moving the kid when they're happy in the house we live in and happy in school. It takes a lot of thinking but we talk to the kids about and we decide to make the move. We move into a beautiful house in Austin, Texas.

    Year Eleven: I land my dream job writing for the local newspaper, It sounds boring but to me it was perfect as I could work from home which meant I could work around the kids rather than putting them into a daycare.

    Year Twelve: We had thought that we we're done having any more babies when we had the surprise of Elsie and Grace but even with six children aged Eleven, Seven, Four and Three we still get broody and want more.
    We start TTC and within a few months I fall pregnant, we're so excited and even more so when we find out at the scans that we're having another baby boy.
    On April 29th, weighing 7plbs 6oz Charlie Samuel Gray is born.

    Year Thirteen: Elijah's cousin Stacy has a baby girl with her husband Andreas. They name her Alexandra Maribella Louis 'Lexi'.

    Year Fourteen: Nowhere near done having children yet we start TTC again. Our house is getting a little small but our family is happy so we're happy!
    I fall pregnant and we're so excited, we decide to leave the sex of the baby a surprise again.
    4 weeks early, on the 16th of July a gorgeous little girl is born weighing 6plbs exact, we call her Isla Marie Gray.

    Year Fifteen: We now have Eight children, Noah and Olivia, 14, Toby, 11, Dylan, 7, Elsie and Grace, 6, Charlie, 3 and Isla, 1. We decide to move back to our home town of Leeds, England so we can be near our family and the kids get to see their grandparents and aunties and uncles more often. This is our new home:

    Year Sixteen: We decide to get a family pet. We get a husky dog called Hans. Hans:

    Year Seventeen: Noah and Olivia now Sixteen, have told myself and Elijah that we are addicted to having babies as I am pregnant again! Its super exciting knowing we have another member of our family on the way.
    On Dylans 9th birthday, September 21st I give birth to Noahs, Olivias, Tobys, Dylans, Elsies, Graces, Charlies and Islas new baby brother. His weighs 8plbs and we name him Sebastian James Gray.

    Year Eighteen: Elijah s youngest sister, April,21 comes to stay with us for awhile after she splits from her boyfriend until she finds her own flat. She's with us for 3 weeks and is a great help with the younger children whilst she's here.

    Year Nineteen: Just before our 20th wedding anniversary we decide to start TTC one last time!
    We are over the moon when we find out we're expecting twins!! Identical girls!
    Our beautiful girls are born on the 8th of August weighing 4plbs 1oz and 3plbs 13oz, we name them Imogen Rose Gray and Tilly Flora Gray. They are our 9 and 10th babies!

    Year Twenty: 20 years of marriage and one last surprise!! I'm pregnant again!!
    We're having another little baby boy joining our family. The kids can't believe it, an 11th baby!
    On April 4th, weighing 7lbs 6oz Oliver Benjamin Gray is born.

    *The Gray Family*

    DH: Elijah - 39.

    DW: Hannah - 37.

    DS: Noah - 19.
    DD: Olivia - 19.

    DS: Toby - 16.

    DS: Dylan - 12.

    DD: Elsie - 11.
    DD: Grace - 11.

    DS: Charlie - 8.

    DD: Isla - 6.

    DS: Sebastian - 3.

    DD: Imogen - 1.
    DD: Tilly - 1.

    DS: Oliver - Under 1.

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Vincent Mathieu Lutz.
    DW: Sarah Catherine Lutz (Ortiz).


    - Andover, Massachusetts.

    Year 1: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby! Gender is your choice.

    1. Cora Hermione Lutz.

    Year 2: Your family goes on vacation and brings back a two-year-old girl. What country did you go to? What is her name?

    Vacation: London, England.
    2. (A) Sophie Isabelle Lutz.

    Year 3: You adopt triplets, two boys and a girl.

    3. (A) Declan Alexander Lutz.
    4. (A) Callum Joseph Lutz.
    5. (A) Rhiannon Faith Lutz.

    Year 4: You and your sister-in-law open a daycare center. What do you call it?

    Sister-In-Law: Veronica Hope Lutz.
    Daycare Center: The Sunshine Center.

    Year 5: You adopt triplets. Genders are your choice.

    6. (A) Adelaide Hope Lutz.
    7. (A) Samantha Brie Lutz.
    8. (A) Edward Raphael Lutz.

    Year 6: A friend or family member has a baby girl. What do they name her?

    BFF: Emma Rosemarie Yang (Wenk).
    Emma's DH: Richard Michael Yang.
    Emma's Daughter: Kelsea Grace Yang.

    Year 7: You and DH take in a six-year-old foster child. Gender and name are your choice.

    Foster Child: Rachael Isolde Hemsworth.

    Year 8: You have a single baby boy.

    9. Christopher Thomas Lutz.

    Year 9: A relative passes away and leaves you and DH their house. Where is it and what does it look like?

    Aunt: Cecelia Rosamund Church.
    - Bolton, Massachusetts.

    Year 10: You adopt triplet girls.

    10. (A) Poppy Josephine Lutz.
    11. (A) Calliope Marceline Lutz.
    12. (A) Andromeda Leigh Lutz.

    Year 11: An in-law gets sick and you or DH takes care of them. What affect does this have on your family and/or marriage?

    DH's Mother: Wilhelmina Paige Lutz (Caesar).
    Wilhelmina's House:
    - Aquinnah, Massachusetts.

    Year 12: You adopt twin girls.

    13. (A) Veronica Claire Lutz.
    14. (A) Leonora Paige Lutz.

    Year 13: Your family gets a parrot. What kind of bird and what do you name it?

    - Minnie (Adelaide Rosella).

    Year 14: You have a single baby boy.

    15. Brendon Albus Lutz.

    Year 15: You or one of your family members has a scene in a movie or TV show! What movie/show and what is your roll?

    Television Show: Grey's Anatomy.
    Cora's Role: Patient with a Brain Tumor.

    Year 16: You are interviewed for a newspaper or magazine. What did you do to be interviewed?

    Task: Have a big family!

    Year 17: You adopt twin boys.

    16. (A) Aiden Kenneth Lutz.
    17. (A) Josiah Robert Lutz.

    Year 18: A friend or family member has a baby girl. What do they name her?

    Sister-In-Law: Veronica Hope West (Lutz).
    Veronica's DH: Liam Edmond West.
    Veronica's Daughter: Ava Penelope West.

    Year 19: You dye your hair and/or pierce something! What color hair or what piercing did you get?

    Previous Hair Color: Brown.
    New Hair Color: Blonde.

    Year 20: You are unexpectedly pregnant with a baby girl!

    18. Arianna Hazel Lutz.

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    The Bell's

    Joshua Roy (23)
    Kenna Sarah (19)

    Married: 2018
    Wedding location: Beach
    Wedding colors: Red and White
    Honeymood location: Italy
    First home:

    Y1: (1,1) Baby boy! Jarrett Albert
    Y2: (3,2) Move to Austin, Texas:
    Y3: (4,3) DH's younger sister, Jennifer (16), comes to stay during spring break.
    Y4: (1,4) Adopt a baby boy from Ethiopia! Jasper Ian
    Y5: (7,4) Unexpected boy/girl twins! Jareth Reagan & Jasmine Katherine
    Y6: (6,4) Interviewed on (online) take show! Because of being a daily vlogger
    Y7: (8,6) Family gets a black kitten called Orion:
    Y8: (1,3) Family gets a white cat called Kelly:
    Y9: (6,3) Unexpected baby boy! Jesse Braxton
    Y10: (2,3) Family gets a parrot called Birdy:
    Y11: (8,5) Family goes on vacation to Disney World!
    Y12: (8,8) DH finds out he has testicular cancer, but luckily they have caught it early and he eventually goes into remission. but this may cause problems in the baby-making area.
    Y13: (4,7) DH's sister has baby boy called Leroy Michael.
    Y14: (3,1) Family moves to Albuquerque, New Mexico:
    Y15: (6,2) Unexpected baby girl! Jenelle Abigail
    Y16: (5,3) Family moves back to Austin, Texas:
    Y17: (1,1) Family gets a pug called Sir Puggsalot:
    Y18: (8,2) Family moves into a large home:
    Y19: (6,6) Adopt a baby girl from China! Jia Scarlett
    Y20: (6,7) Jarrett(19) and fiancee Penny have baby girl called Selena Kenna.


    -- Lena(nb)
    I am not yet a mummy, but I sure am an auntie to these beautiful children:
    Jamie-Leigh, Maddison, Isabelle, Olivia, Freya, Evie, Zakary, Elise

    Future children's possible names:
    Isaac, Dalton, Jack
    Constance, Millicent, Lindsay

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    *openly obsessed with this game!*

    Liam Ryan White aged 27 is an Irish born and bred boy who now works as a pediatric doctor in central London. Liam:
    Charlotte Penelope White aged 23 is a beautiful young woman who is an aspiring photographer. Charlotte:
    They married in 2020 and honeymooned in Greece.
    They live together in Central London:

    Year One: Liam and Charlotte decide that they want to start a family straight away and within a few months Charlotte is pregnant. They're both so happy when they find out they're expecting identical twin girls!
    Born 2 weeks early, Isabel Charlotte and Clara Penelope White. Isabel and Clara:

    Year Two: Liam's sister Abigail (18) has a baby girl called Ellie Mae White.

    Year Three: Liam and Charlotte are asked to appear on a reality show with Isabel and Clara about life with multiples.
    Its filmed over the course of 6 months and shows their lives with Liam working and Charlotte being a stay-at-home mum and Two year old identical twins running about. The show is called One-Two-buckle my shoe.

    Year Four: Isabel and Clara are Three years old now and in nursery 2 days a week, Liam and Charlotte see this as the perfect time to extend their family and start TTC. Charlotte falls pregnant after only a few months of trying.
    Born on his due date Edward Liam White arrives. Edward:

    Year Five: Charlotte's brother Johnathan (20) comes and stays with Charlotte, Liam and the kids over the Summer holidays for 6 weeks before going back to University in Manchester.

    Year Six: Charlotte and Liam decide that even though they're both only young their selves and have three young children all ready that they want to continue with this and go for their 4th baby.
    They get more than they bargained for when No4 and No5 come along with another set of twin girls.
    Maisie Jane and Elsa Mae White join the family. Maisie and Elsa:

    Year Seven: Charlotte and Liam decide to take the family on holiday, the whole family drives down to Dover and then gets the ferry across to France. They go for a 2 weeks and have an amazing time.

    Year Eight: Johnathan (23) and his girlfriend, Holly (23) have a baby girl called Megan Rose White.

    Year Nine: Charlotte and Liam are nowhere near complete with their family even with Five children, Isabel and Clara (8), Edward (5) and Maisie and Elsa (3) and start TTC again.
    Another set of twins are on their way!
    Born 4 weeks early, William Ryan and Harry Matthew White arrive. William and Harry:

    Year Ten: They family get a dog. A Labrador called Petal. Petal:

    Year Eleven: After putting her family first for Eleven Years Charlotte finally opens up her photography business with her best friend, Naomi.

    Year Twelve: Liam's Auntie dies and as she has no children of her own and Liam is the eldest between him and his sister she leaves £5,000,000 in her will to "Liam and Family". They're in shock but once they get over it they buy a massive that fits the whole family with lots of space. The families new house:

    Year Thirteen: Now that they have a lot more space Liam and Charlotte want even more children.
    Charlotte is pregnant with another set of twins B/G.
    Arthur Charles and Lucy Caroline White. Arthur and Lucy:

    Year Fourteen: For Isabel and Clara's 13th birthday the family get a kitten. The girls get to choose the name and choose to call him, Benji. Benji:

    Year Fifteen: Charlotte has her heart set on another baby but with Nine children already Liam takes some convincing. After a long talk, he agrees and Charlotte is soon pregnant with their 10th baby.
    A little boy is born, Henry Luke White. Henry:

    Year Sixteen: Charlotte's brother Johnathan (31) and his girlfriend Holly (31) have their Second child Lilly Fleur White making their Eight year old daughter Megan and older sister.

    Year Seventeen: Isabel comes home from school one day with some big new she's pregnant at Sixteen! She's strong and with the help from her mum and dad she keeps the baby and goes on to have a healthy baby boy called Joshua Liam White. Joshua:

    Year Eighteen: The family decide to get another cat this one called Pebbles. Pebbles:

    Year Nineteen: Isabel now Eighteen has another baby, a little girl. She's still living at home and is a single mummy to Joshua and now his little sister Sophie Charley White. Sophie:

    Year Twenty: Clara gets married at Nineteen to her high school sweetheart Jack. All the family is at the wedding and her twin sister Isabel is her made-of-honor. Charlotte and Liam are so proud of all their children!

    *The White Family*

    DH: Liam (47)

    DW: Charlotte (43)

    DD: Isabel (19)
    DD: Clara (19)

    DS: Edward (16)

    DD: Maisie (14)
    DD: Elsa (14)

    DS: William (11)
    DS: Harry (11)

    DS: Arthur (7)
    DD: Lucy (7)

    DS: Henry (5)

    GS: Joshua (3)
    GD: Sophia (1)

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    Amelia Louise & Jeremy Samuel
    Married in 2019, when I am 22 and he is 25. We honeymoon in Italy before moving to a house in New York.
    2020: I give birth to a baby boy!
    His name is Gabriel Alexander.
    2021: Our family goes on a vacation to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina!
    2022: I dye my hair red.
    2023: I open a bookstore, Amelia's Book Nook.
    2024: We decide to adopt triplets!
    They are Juliet Pearl, Evangeline Charlotte, & August Theodore
    2025: My little sister, who is in college, comes to stay with our family for a while after no longer being able to afford her apartment. She stays with us for a year until she can move out again.
    2026: We get a pet kitten! Her name is Luna, and she is grey with blue eyes.
    2027: Our family takes a vacation to Europe.
    2028: Now that Gabriel is 8, and the triplets are 4, we decide to try having another kid. We give birth to a little girl!
    Her name is Vivienne Sage.
    2029: Our family goes on a vacation to Disney World.
    2030: It is a hard decision, but we decide to move the family out to California after DH receives a great job offer to teach at one of a university down there.
    2031: When Gabriel is 11, the triplets 7, and Vivi is 3, I am surprised to find out I am pregnant with twins! They are named Alice Christine & Levi Christopher
    2032: A family member dies, leaving us tons of money. We donate half of it and buy a bigger, nicer house. We save the rest of the money.
    2033: My little sister has a baby girl named Rosalie Jane.
    2034: Our family goes on vacation to Hawaii!
    2035: We get a dog, a German Shepherd named Cocoa.
    2036: We get a pet pig named Alfred.
    2037: Evangeline, 13, discovers she has a knack for acting! She scores a role in an upcoming film.
    2038: Gabriel, 18, is going off to college this year! I am surprised to find myself pregnant with another little boy!
    We name him Everett Jasper.
    2039: Again, I find myself unexpectedly pregnant! I give birth to twin boys.
    We name them Isaiah Oliver & Noah Tobias
    At this point, it has been 20 years. We have 10 kids, Gabriel (19), Juliet, Evangeline, & August (15), Vivienne (11), Alice & Levi (8), Everett (1), and Isaiah & Noah (NB).
    ♀ Hazel | Violet | Clara | Josephine | Ruby | Piper
    ♂ Julian | Isaac | Gabriel | Felix | Ethan | Archer

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