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    You, Emilia Fleur Ross and your husband, Nathaniel David Ross where married in August 2010 at the ages of 24 and 26. You had a big wedding with lots friends and family and honeymooned in Hawaii. After your honeymoon, you move into an apartment in Portland, Oregon.

    YR #1: The first year of your marriage you decide to adopt boy/girl twins from Russia. You name them Franklin Park and Rosalind "Rose" Emilia. They are only a few months old when you adopt them.
    YR #2: The second year of your marriage you find out you're pregnant with a baby girl! Nine months later, you name her Marie Joanna.
    YR #3: You try to get pregnant but are unsuccessful. You and Nathaniel decide your house is too small for growing family and relocate to Vancouver, Canada.
    YR #4: You and Nathaniel decide to adopt triplets from Russia again. Their names are Sabrina Daphne, Eloise Belle, & Alexander "Sasha" Valentine and they are 6 years old when you adopt them.
    YR #5: The fifth year of your marriage you find you're expecting! Nine months later, you give birth to a baby boy. You name him Reynaldo "Reynie" Miles.
    YR #6: Your next baby comes as a surprise. You have another baby girl! You name her Winifred "Winnie" Daisy.
    YR #7: This year, you decide to adopt a baby boy, but this time from a small African country called Rwanda. His name is Iniko "Nick" Odissan, a charming little 2-year-old.
    YR #8: The next year, you get another surprise package, a baby boy! You name him Humphrey George.
    YR #9: The ninth year of your marriage, you try to get pregnant but are unsuccessful. Then a long-time family friend dies and leaves behind his two daughters. You decide to adopt them. Their names are Adeline "Addie" Anna & Greta Pearl. Addie is 10 and Greta is 7.
    YR #10: You find out you are pregnant with twins! You name them Tabitha Florence & Violet Emmeline.
    YR #11: This year, you have twins! Their names are Orson Fox & Macalester "Mac" Silas.
    YR #12: The twelfth year of your marriage you get a surprise: triplet boys! You name them Lucius Duncan, Adriano Roy, & Garrison Tate.
    YR #13: You have a single baby girl. You name her Henrietta "Etta" Joy.
    YR #14: This year, you have another baby girl. You name her Eliza Opal.
    YR #15: The fifteenth year of your marriage you have triplet girls! Their names are Celia Hope, Viviana Elise, & Flora Therese.
    YR #16: You have triplets, two boys and a girl. Their names are Marcus Henry, Charles "Charlie" Harrison, & Regina "Gigi" Faye.
    YR #17: You get pregnant, but have a miscarriage. Your husband Nathaniel's younger sister, Malia Renee, who is fifteen years younger than him comes to stay because of financial problems. It's a little hard to adjust to, but you get used to Malia's company. After 4 months, Malia finds a job and an apartment and moves out.
    YR #18: You have twins! You name them Monty Josiah & Vincent Zachary.
    YR #19: You decide to adopt boy/girl twins from Rwanda again. Their names are Kato Kwame & Lissa Zuri.
    YR #20: You try to get pregnant, but are unsuccessful. Your oldest daughter, Rosalind, though, gets engaged to a man named Quincy William. They weren't planning to marry until they both finished college, but soon after their engagement, Rosalind finds out she's pregnant. Nine months later, she has a little girl named Xenia Lilac.

    Nathaniel David Ross - 46
    ~ Maila Renee Ross
    Emilia Fleur Ross - 44
    Franklin Park Ross & Rosalind "Rose" Emilia Foster - 20 - Adopted from Russia
    ~ Quincy William Foster - 21
    ~ Xenia Lilac Foster - Newborn
    Marie Joanna Ross - 19
    Sabrina Daphne Ross, Eloise Belle Ross, & Alexander "Sasha" Valentine Ross - 22 - Adopted from Russia
    Reynaldo "Reynie" Miles Ross - 16
    Winifred "Winnie" Daisy Ross - 15
    Iniko "Nick" Odissan Ross - 16 - Adopted from Rwanda
    Humphrey George - 13
    Adeline "Addie" Anna - 21 - Adopted
    Greta Pearl - 18 - Adopted
    Tabitha "Tabby" Florence & Violet Emmeline - 11
    Orson Fox & Macalester "Mac" Silas - 10
    Lucius Duncan, Adriano Roy, & Garrison Tate - 9
    Henrietta "Etta" Joy - 8
    Eliza Opal - 7
    Celia Hope, Viviana Elise, & Flora Therese - 6
    Marcus Henry, Charles "Charlie" Harrison, & Regina "Gigi" Faye - 5
    Monty Josiah & Vincent Zachary -3
    Kato Kwame & Lissa Zuri - 2 - Adopted from Rwanda
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    DH: Archer John Mays
    DW: Fiona Maureen Mays
    Married 2010 in the Bahamas. Live in New York

    2010: We relocate to Cambridge, Mass.

    2011: Unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls. Ruby Josephine & Isla Evangeline

    2012: Archer's little sister, Corinne, comes to stay and help with the twins.

    2013: We adopt triplet girls: Kate Sophia, Eliza Juliet & Alice Emmeline

    2014: Unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls, again: Lucy Jane & Olivia Mary

    2015: Unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls, for the third time: Georgiana Lark & Cora Dove

    2015: We move to Galveston, Texas.

    2016: We move back to Mass. only this time into Boston

    2017: We have one baby girl: Violet Serena

    2018: My grandmother dies and leaves me and Archer $5,000,000 in his/her will. We buy a bigger house in the suburbs

    2019: My close friend Hannah dies and leaves us her three year old son: Holden Michael

    2020: We adopt boy/girl twins: Jack Nathaniel & Hope Annabelle

    2021: We get a new pet. A dog named Sasha

    2022: We have twin girls, for the fourth time. Natalie Honor & Calista Ever

    2023: Unexpectedly pregnant with twin girls again: Felicity Love & Madeline Faith (running out of girl names)

    2024: I am interviewed on a talk show because I keeping falling pregnant with twin girls.

    2025: We get a pet cat named Luna

    2026: We have triplet boys! Praise the Lord! Oliver Jude , Leo Maximilian and Finn Xavier <3

    2027: We take our kids to Disney World!

    2028: We adopt a baby girl, Bridget Aoife

    2029: We have another baby girl: Pippa Caroline

    2030: We have our final child, a baby boy: Samuel James

    Archer and Fiona Mays with:

    Ruby & Isla (19) -
    Kate, Ellie & Alice (17) -
    Lucy & Olivia (16) -
    Gigi & Cora (15) -
    Holden (14)-
    Violet (13) -
    Jack and Hope- adopted (10) -
    Natalie & Callie (8) -
    Felicity & Madeline (7) -
    Oliver, Leo and Finn (4) -
    Bridget -adopted (2)-
    Pippa (1) & Samuel (NB) -
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    The Moss Family:
    [47] Adelaide Daphne
    [47] Beckett Jaxon

    [20] James Finnegan
    [20] Imogen Penelope
    [31] Ashton Miles*
    [26] Felix Phineas*
    [20] Rex Ronan*
    [17] Hugo Louis
    [17] Ivo Sebastian
    [17] Bello Harley
    [16] Willow Rosalind*
    [16] Violet Esme*
    [16] Pippa Diane*
    [12] Millicent Taylor
    [12] Abigail Emmeline
    [12] Charlotte Juliet

    [10] Isla Cosette
    [9] Christopher Flynn
    [7] Lillian Hope
    [12] Kendall Mae*
    [10] Agnes Marie*
    [7] Leonardo Thorne*
    [3] Phoebe Madeline
    [3] Luna Aurelle

    [Dog] Scout

    * = Adopted
    Red = Twin or triplet
    Orange= Parents

    Adelaide Daphne Moss [27] + Beckett Jaxon Moss [27]
    Married on a beach in Hawaii sometime during the 2020s. Honeymooned in Paris. Settled in New Jersey.

    1: Just a couple weeks after the honeymoon, Addy and Beck were expecting twins! As you can see, they wasted absolutely no time, if ya catch my drift. Nine months later, on a wintery late December day, healthy boy/girl twins were born! James Finnegan Moss was born, and five minutes later (fashionably late, I presume), Imogen Penelope Moss finally made her debut.

    2: Unfortunately, tragedy strikes the newly formed family; Beckett's cousin, Luke Theodore Moss, died in an accident. Inherited are some of his fortune and also the responsibility of his three boys: Ashton Miles Moss, a blonde-haired eloquent eleven year old; Felix Phineas Moss, the more brash and adventurous brother, only five years younger then Ash; and Rex Ronan Moss, a one year old boy with shaggy brown hair who will be blissfully unaware of his fathers existence.

    3: Addy is surprised when not only does she find out she is pregnant yet again, but this time, she is having triplet boys! Yikes. That totals up to seven boys in the house, not including Beckett. Poor little Idgie. The boys are born healthy and are named Hugo Louis Moss, Ivo Sebastian Moss, and Bello Harley Moss.

    4: Apparently having eight children weren't enough, so Addy and Beck decide to adopt three more children. This time they choose girls, I suppose to even out the heavy boy to girl ratio in this household. Either way, it's nuts. The girls are triplets and are identical (which is extremely rare to happen to triplets); same black hair, button noses, and piercing light blue eyes. They are a couple months old and are named Willow Rosalind Moss, Violet Esme Moss, and Pippa Diane Moss.

    5: Though it is quite a busy household, Addy managed to find time to audition for a role in a horror movie. After all, one of her true life's ambitions was to become a renown actress. She plays a snotty, teenaged cheerleader who is slaughtered first in the stereotypical horror film. She was played quite nicely and enjoyed the role.

    6: Beckett is promoted to CEO of a company, which means a lot of bacon is being brought to the Moss family.

    7: Addy and Beckett, an upper-class couple, decide they are quite bored of the states and would love for their children to broaden their horizons. Off to England they went and moved into a modest, tiny little city called London.

    8: While working on their British accents, Addy is pregnant AGAIN with, you guessed it: triplets! She literally is the most fertile woman in the world. The British babies are named Millicent Taylor Moss, Abigail Emmeline Moss, and Charlotte Juliet Moss.

    9: Addy lands another role, this time on a show. She plays the recurring role of Sherri Stump, the wife of the protagonist, Stephen Stump.

    10: Addy and Beckett decided their large clan of fourteen children weren't enough, so they adopt another baby girl: Isla Cosette Moss, an adorable toddler who's backgrounds stems from somewhere in Asia.

    11: Guess who's pregnant? Luckily, it's only one boy this time: Christopher Flynn Moss.

    12: One of Addy's best friends she made in showbiz, Delilah Anne Judson, gave birth to a wide-eyed baby girl named Lucia Hermione Judson. This is especially noteworthy since she and Christopher will fall in love and wed once they are much older.

    13: Addy was on birth control, yet she still managed to be impregnated. Just, wow. She is born two months premature but recovers like a pro. Her name is Lillian Hope Moss.

    14: One of Beckett's collegues and best friends died an untimely death, and Beckett decided to take in his two daughters, Kendall Mae Harrison, six, and her four year old sister, Agnes Marie Harrison.

    15: The Moss family grew tired of living in London for six years, and decide to move all across the globe to California!

    16: EVERYONE IS DYING. It seems the bubonic plague is being spread or something of that nature because Addy's close friend, Matilda Grace Fawn, passed away. The Moss family adopted her three year old son, Leonardo Thorne Fawn.

    17: The fourty-four year old Addy was knocked up yet again and this time produced twins! Yes, it is almost impossible for her to produce a single child which is quite strange and uncommon. They were both girls named Phoebe Madeline Moss and Luna Aurelle Moss.

    18: The Moss family decided the house wasn't quite big enough so they adopted a dog! A female puppy named Scout.

    19: It has barely been four years, but the Moss's relocate again, this time to the exquisite country called France.

    20: Addy is interviewed in a talk show, not only because of her wonderful acting career, but naturally the media is curious about her extremely large family. She explains that she and her husband love children and had always wanted a big family, and they all love and care for each other. The end.
    A 17 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Sylvie, Lux, Romy, Ottilie, Maisie, Pearl
    ♂: Leo, Atlas, Ezra, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    Timothy RhysTim” and Juliana RoseJules
    Married in 2012 in a small family ceremony in Virginia
    Honeymooned in Hawaii
    Once married, they settle in California

    Year 1 – Tim and Jules get a blue Abyssinian cat, which they name Walter

    Year 2 – Tim and Jules welcome twin girls, who they name Amaryllis June and Vivienne Willow

    Year 3 – Tim, Jules, the girls, and Walter move to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Year 4 – The family gets a Golden Retriever, which they name Huck.

    Year 5 – Jules gives birth to a second set of twins—a boy and a girl. She and Tim name them Elliot Christopher and Phoebe Noelle

    Year 6 –Jules opens a bookstore called Turn the Page.

    Year 7 – The family welcomes a son, who Tim and Jules name Jonah Lazarus

    Year 8 – Jules is interviewed by the local magazine for an article on working mothers

    Year 9 – The family moves to Austin, Texas.

    Year 10 – Jules, who seems to have a natural inclination for producing twins, has twin boys, who she and Tim name Dashiell Henry and Silas Gideon

    Year 11 – The family gets a English Springer spaniel, which they name Zuzu

    Year 12 – Jules’ brother, Jamie, comes to stay with the family for a few months while he is doing an internship.

    Year 13 – Tim and Jules’ niece Ava gets married.

    Year 14 – Tim and Jules welcome a son, who they name Arlo Alexander

    Year 15 – The family gets a parakeet, who they name Sparkle

    Year 16 – The family takes in a stray beagle, who they name Ranger

    Year 17 – Tim and Jules welcome a daughter, who they name Winona Rae

    Year 18 – Jules is interviewed on a talk show after she writes her first novel

    Year 19 – Tim and Jules welcome a son, who they name Zaccheus ColtonZeke
    Year 20 – The who family does on a vacation to Australia

    Parents: Tim and Jules
    Kids: Amaryllis, Vivienne, Elliot, Phoebe, Jonah, Dashiell, Silas, Arlo, Winona, and Zaccheus
    Pets: Walter, Huck, Zuzu, Sparkle, and Ranger
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Tobias ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Josephine ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Stanley

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    You, Milena Joy Flockhart, and your husband Marshall Timothy Flockhart where recently married in September 2012. Your wedding was small, with only close family and friends. After the wedding, you honeymooned in the French countryside. You buy a big house in Phoenix, Arizona with your savings and settle down to have a family. You have a job working as a journalist, and your husband Marshall works an advertising executive.

    YR #1 - 2013: Not long after you move to Phoenix, you find out you're pregnant with a little girl! Nine months later, little Nadia Marine is born on April 12th, 2013. You have to take a hiatus from work because of your little girl, but it's well worth it.

    YR #2 - 2014: Nadia is only one year old when you and Marshall decide you what to have more kids. You both decide you what to adopt. You adopt triplets - all boys! - from Cambodia. You name them Benedict Tate (Benny), Otis Dawson, & Rupert Fox. Their "Gotcha" Day is October 21, 2014.

    YR #3 - 2015: Nadia is two, and Benny, Otis, and Rupert one year old when find out you're pregnant again, with another baby girl! She arrives on December 19, 2015, just in time for Christmas. You name her Winter Snow.

    YR #4 - 2016: Nadia is three, Benny, Otis, and Rupert are two, and Winter is 10 months, when you decide you want to adopt again, this time, from Tanzania. You where only planning to adopt one child, but you find out that there are triplets living in the orphanage you planned to adopt from, and no one is willing to take them in. They are about Winter's age. Their names are Kato Odissan, Iniko Kwame (Nick), & Omri Abram. Their "Gotcha" Day is November 10th, 2016.

    YR #5 - 2017: Nadia has just started preschool when you decide to adopt twins from Cambodia again. Their names are Allegra Yvette (Allie) and Zacharias (Zach) Roman. Their "Gotcha" Day is February 26th, 2017.

    YR #6 - 2018: The sixth year of your marriage, you get a surprise! You're pregnant again, with another girl. Nine months later, you give birth to Miranda Belle (Miri) on August 1st, 2018.

    YR #7 - 2019: Your house is getting a little crowded, but you manage to adopt another baby, this time, from Brazil. His name is Rosario Cruz. He is Nadia's age and his "Gotcha" Day is May 15th, 2019. Nadia and Rosario start kindergarten that fall at Gordon Elementary.

    YR #8 - 2020: This year, you get a surprise: a baby girl! You name her Tatum Raleigh. Her birthday is July 10th, 2020.

    YR #9 - 2021: Your grandfather dies and leaves you his mansion in Albuquerque, New Mexico in his will and you move in. Nadia, Benny, Otis, Rupert, & Winter start school at Odyssey Classical Academy.

    YR #10 - 2022: A year after the move, you find out you're pregnant with triplets, two boys and a girl! Nine months later, they arrive on March 17th, 2022, St. Patrick's Day! You name them Russell Patrick, Ronan Gray, & Delaney Clover (Laney).

    YR #11 - 2023: You decide to adopt from Brazil again. This time, you adopt a little girl, age 4, named Esmeralda Jacinta. Her "Gotcha" Day is June 7th, 2023.

    YR #12 - 2024: You find out you're pregnant with twins! Nine months later, Orson James and Tessa Rosalie are born, July 1st, 2024.

    YR #13 - 2025: You get pregnant with a little girl. You name her Arella Genevieve, born January 28th, 2025.

    YR #14 - 2026: Surprise! You're pregnant with twins! Nine months later, they're born May 31st, 2026. You name them Marietta Grace (Etta) & Georgiana Lilac (Georgie).

    YR #15 - 2027: Just when you thought you where done having kids, you get pregnant with a baby girl. She is born February 13th, 2027, just in time for Valentine's Day. Her name is Scarlet Hart.

    YR #16 - 2028: You and Marshall have been having serious problems lately and separate. You are separated for 7 months, but your kids aren't to happy about it, and they pull a "parent trap" on you.

    YR #17 - 2029: You and Marshall are back together, and you decide to commemorate it by adopting twins from Cambodia! You name them Darwin Frankie & Timothy Lachlan. Their "Gotcha" Day is June 14th, 2029.

    YR #18 - 2030: You decide you and Marshall want to adopt twin girls from Sweden. Their names are Astrid Morwenna & Linnea Signe, and they are 4 years old. Their "Gotcha" Day is December 3rd, 2030.

    YR #19 - 2031: You get pregnant with boy/girl twins! They arrive September 10th, 2031. Their names are Millicent Emilia (Millie) & Claude Frederick.

    YR #20 - 2032: Your kids insist on getting a pet, so you adopt a little kitten, who the kids name Scout. She's quite a little rascal, but your kids love her!

    Milena & Marshall Flockhart
    Nadia Flockhart - 19
    Rosario Flockhart - 19 - Adopted from Brazil
    Benedict (Benny), Otis, & Rupert Flockhart - 18 - Adopted from Cambodia
    Winter Flockhart - 17
    Kato, Iniko (Nick), & Omri Flockhart - 17 - Adopted from Tanzania
    Allegra (Allie) & Zacharias (Zach) Flockhart - 15
    Miranda (Miri) Flockhart - 14
    Tatum Flockhart - 12
    Esmeralda Flockhart - 12 - Adopted from Brazil
    Russell, Ronan, & Delaney (Laney) Flockhart - 10
    Orson & Tessa Flockhart - 8
    Arella Flockhart - 7
    Marietta (Etta) & Georgiana (Georgie) Flockhart - 6
    Scarlet Flockhart - 5
    Darwin & Timothy Flockhart - 3
    Astrid & Linnea Flockhart - 2
    Millicent (Millie) & Claude Flockhart - 1
    Scout - Cat
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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