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Thread: I Just Met A...

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    Amanda- I would use this name on a future daughter if it weren't so dated.
    Victoria- Even though I would never use the name on a future daughter, it no longer registers in my mind as being a "bad name" sine I met a really nice person by this name.

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    I just posted this in another thread, but I recently met a little boy named Django, which I thought was super cool. He was probably around 6 or 7, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I would never use the name myself, but it was interesting to meet a real person with the name.

    I also recently met a man named Holden, which up until then was a name I had only seen on Nameberry. He was probably early 20's, very good looking with brown/blonde hair and brown(?) eyes. He definitely suited his name.

    And a little while ago I heard a mom calling to her daughter Imogen in the store. Another Nameberry fave that was neat to see on a real person. She was maybe around 7 or so, with messy, curly brown hair. She also had a brother whose name I didn't catch.


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    Coco. I met the most sophisticated little dark-eyed toddler with this name and fell in love.
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    I used to like very much the name Frieda (short form of Frederica, pronounced FREE-dah). It is short,ladylike, elegant and has a perfect meaning (der Friede = peace in German, as a general term, der Frieden is the opposite of war).
    However, a girl named Friederike and nicknamed Frieda has harmed my daughter many times, so I started to HATE this name.

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    I used to like the name Alessia, then a mean girl at my school ruined it for me.
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