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    2 syllable Welsh girls names

    Hello Berries,

    My daughter has a beautiful Welsh name as a middle name (Arwen, meaning muse) and I'd love to do the same for a future daughter.

    Ideally the name would have two syllables, a nice meaning and a literary connection wouldn't hurt... Is this too tall an order? I hope not!

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    How about Isolde (pn: ee-zohl-duh/ee-zold) meaning ice queen, very old welsh name fom Aurthurian legend, Tennyson poems & wagners opera. Can be spelt Yseult/Iseult too
    Mum to Jude Michael

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    One of my favorite names of any origin is the Welsh name Carys meaning "love." Not sure if it has any literary connections.

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    Carys! Carys Davies is an author if that's enough of a literary connection for you.
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
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    I do like Isolde but worry that the "is old" thing will get annoying, especially as a middle name. I really like old fashioned names and can just hear the " X is old" thing.

    I really like Carys but my husband (who is of Welsh descent) says "it's too common" which makes me laugh as I don't know a single person called Carys but I guess it's different if you're Welsh!

    But authors/novels/poems/plays are all definitely enough of a literary connection.

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