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    DW: Willow
    DH: Simon

    DS: Felix Oliver Silas
    DS/DS: Harry Jethro Walter & Jesse Leopold Hugo
    DS: Beckham "Beck" Roan
    DD/DD/DD/DS: Mara Sloan, Larkin "Lark" Delaney, Rooney Quinn, and Flynn Maguire

    Willow and Simon have 5 sons and 3 daughters: Felix, Harry, Jesse, Beck, Mara, Lark, Rooney, and Flynn.
    * under construction *
    Theodore "Teddy/Theo"

    * under construction *
    Juno Mara, Arya, Violet Beatrix, Isobel "Io" Cecelia, Sophie Emilia

    {my listography}

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