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    Poll: Middle name for Iris

    Pretty decided on Iris as a first name, but undecided on a good middle. Last name is two syllables, rhyming with all Elle and Ella names are out.

    Would love opinions on top contenders...
  2. Thread: Iris or Ivy?

    by lisab

    Iris or Ivy?

    My husband originally was uncertain of Iris because he knew a co-worker years ago with the name...then we were thinking maybe Ivy...though I don't love it as much. Now he says Iris is still an...
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    Thanks for the suggestions! Like Olive, Flora,...

    Thanks for the suggestions! Like Olive, Flora, Georgia, and Ivy. Not loving anything as much as Iris, but I'll have to toss these around...will probably take time to get over my attachment.
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    Something with the vibe of iris...

    Love the name Iris, but my husband has suddenly remembered an Iris from work which precludes him wanting to use the name. Our daughter is Asha Genevieve (though we are not Indian). Sons are Coen...
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    Maybe Indra

    Maybe Indra
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    Need help with a middle name...

    I am still loving the all the french type names but my husband was not sold on our top picks (Sylvie Genevieve or Esmee Genevieve) - he actually came up with Viviana, but then decided it was too...
  7. Poll: Further narrowing the list and trying out some new ones

    We are still really struggling with a name for a girl and due in less than 3 weeks- last name is Boutell
    My husband likes Viviana, but we already have a Vaughn and a I think that maybe...
  8. I am grateful for all the feedback and opinions! ...

    I am grateful for all the feedback and opinions! Now, if only my husband didn't have a say in anything. Just when I think he is on board with a name, he starts changing his mind, but then doesn't...
  9. Need help with feminine french type name - due soon!

    I am due in less than 4 weeks and we don't know the sex of the baby - but I'm feeling like this one is a girl. Siblings are Coen Rhys and Vaughn Sebastien.

    I have a list, but just not sure of any...
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