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    Thanks! I like a lot of your suggestions. A few...

    Thanks! I like a lot of your suggestions. A few were on our list (Selah, Katia, Salome) but we cannot use them for one reason or another. I didn't know Minnie was from Miriam too. I always used Mim...
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    Unexpected choices

    I agree with your assessment on Loki. I never reccommend it for a kid especially considering Loki's horrible fate chained to rocks forever. Who wants to deem michief turned evil on their child? In...
  3. Olin and Mirielle

    I was convinced that I would name my son Olin and a girl Mirielle.

    My husband finally told me that Olin sounds like a word in Tagalog (his language) that he would rather not use (body part). ...
  4. I like most of them...

    *Katia - I have a huge love for these short, -ia names. I considered Lydia, Nadia, Hania, Sylvia, Thalia, Claudia and Tania. Katia is definately lovely and I much prefer this spelling to Katya. It's...
  5. Thread: Too Close?

    by joiya

    No. In fact, I like them as a sibset. I like...

    No. In fact, I like them as a sibset.

    I like both names a lot, and your choice of spelling is also my preference.
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    Need help finding a girl name...

    Hello all!
    This is my first post at nameberry, but I am a little frustrated so I thought I would give it a try.

    I am an American (though most of my family and parents are still in Sicily). My...
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