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    Violet Rose? Too many flowers?

    Not too much to say, I think the title says it all. Is Violet Rose too flowery? If you didnt know they were both flowers I think it flows great and sounds very pretty, but is the fact they are both...
  2. An I agree Leighton dosent really go with my...

    An I agree Leighton dosent really go with my daughters'. I am only 4months along and I have looked all through the website I just havent had another name jump out as much yet. We do have very random...
  3. She goes by Danni-June or Danni but mostly...

    She goes by Danni-June or Danni but mostly Danni-June.
  4. Leighton...maybe? Does this fit with my family?

    Ideas and thoughts on Leighton for a boy. As well as middle name ideas. I like this name a lot but I have 3 girls though and I was wondering if it goes with their names; Danni-June Camille, Charlotte...
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    Sophia Violet?

    Everyone's thoughts and opinions and even adjustments to the name would be appreciated!
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    oh boy! double the trouble!

    So, my sister is having twin girls in mid Feb. She has chosen the first names, Ara and Anna, but is drawing blanks when it comes to middle names! Her and the hubby like many different styles so its...
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