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    Help me with girls names!!

    Here is the list:

    Camille Rosalie
    Ramona Eve
    Clara Eve
    Fiona Catherine
    Eliza Catherine

    Which do you like and why? Thanks so much for the feedback!
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    Charles Elliot

    This is another name we're considering for our second, DD is Stella Caroline. How popular is Charles nn Charlie in your area? Are you sick of hearing it, or does it still sound reasonably fresh? I...
  3. Thanks all for the responses and additional...

    Thanks all for the responses and additional suggestions. I'll be running those by the husband. :) I just wish I wasn't limited to choosing just ONE of them!
  4. Oliver Jack, Gideon Charles, William Elliot...etc etc etc

    hi berries,

    I am pregnant with my second, who we just found out is a little boy. Hooray! My daughter is Stella Caroline. I am hoping you could give me some feedback on our current list. Which...
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