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  1. Elodie, Esme or Maggie - c-section schedule tonight... help!!

    So we just found out we have to do the c-section tonight. Still undecided. We know the middle name, Townes. This will be for girl #2. Which name?????


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    Elodie or Maggie? - Due this weekend...

    We can't decide, but have 'sort of' narrowed it to two. We do have the middle name Townes and her older sister is Lila Scout

    Elodie Townes
    Maggie Townes
  3. We are stuck - due in two weeks. Husband has different opinions, please help.

    So without telling which one each of prefers, I'm putting out the list of names my husband and I now have for our girl #2. Our first daughter's name is Lila Scout. With this one, we know we want...
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    Poll: Final List - Need your help for girl #2!

    Ok, we've narrowed down our list for our second girl and would love your help. My husband is leaning to Emilia, and I'm leaning to Elodie (it's funny we have so many E names) - but we both go back...
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    Help Rank these names for 2nd girl!!

    Having a hard time trying to decide. This will be our second girl and we're not as concerned about tying in her name with our first girl as we want them to feel they are individuals.

    We have a...
  6. names for #2! Need help!! Sister is Lila Scout

    Here are the names we have for our upcoming girl #2. We are having a hard time nailing this down and it's getting down to the wire. Our daughter now is Lila Scout.

    We know we want to use the...
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