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    He's arrived!

    Proud parents along with a very proud big sister Juniper Elizabeth would like to present to the world Abel Rupert who was born on 09/11/2013. He came a little earlier than expected and my husband...
  2. 10 weeks to go and still no name help!

    Hello Berries!

    I have a name block! We have 10 weeks until our baby boy is due and no agreement on name.

    It mustn't be in the top 100 and go well with our daughters name Juniper Elizabeth.
  3. I have until November but could do with a head start!

    Hello everyone!

    Exciting news I'm pregnant for the second time woo!! Our second bundle of joy is due in November so looking for a head start on names to start a list going.

    My first is Juniper...
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    What are you thoughts?

    Do you like the name Anemone for a little girl? Would you use the ending pronunciation -moan or -moanie?
    I love unsual nature names and this could be in the running for number 2 ;)
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    Poll: Which Spelling is best?

    I love the name Margo but shall I spell it like that or the more exotic "Margaux"?

    Thanks in advance Berries!
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    Middle Name for Lane

    Being a big fan of Mad Men (can't be alone here) I have a name obsession with Lane. I have a daughter already named Juniper Elizabeth and I think it would fit well with it. I am looking for a strong,...
  7. Drop the Clementine - Thisbe Mae is awesome! X

    Drop the Clementine - Thisbe Mae is awesome! X
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    Looking for a first name..

    Hi ladies and gents,

    So my first is named Juniper Elizabeth and it truly suits her little personality. Although I would love to have four or more little people running around we have decided to...
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    Its really very pretty! Do you have other...

    Its really very pretty! Do you have other children? What are their names? Will it go with them? What middle name's are you looking to go with it? I think its absolutely beautiful and due for a small...
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    New name crush - Clémence

    I'm have totally fallen for the name Clémence and I am looking for middle names to go with. My first is named Juniper Elizabeth, do you think it sits well with it? Also I like unusual firsts and...
  11. Looking for inspiration and some middle name's

    Hey, I have a daughter called Juniper Elizabeth and I am looking for a couple more girls name's as I'm hoping to have 4 children in total. I love the name Sorrel so looking for a middle name to go...
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