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    Thank you for the suggestions and thoughts! ...

    Thank you for the suggestions and thoughts!

    We really like Oliver, Henry and Sebastian from the suggestions.
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    A brother for Adelaide Marie

    We just found out we are expecting a baby boy in October/November 2015! Older sister is Adelaide Marie. We will likely use David as the middle name for this child. Some names we've talked about are: ...
  3. Thread: Names like...

    by ashkate

    Names like...

    I'm 37 weeks and still haven't found THE name! I like short, sweet, but not overly common. My sister just named her daughter Maira which I love. I also like Cora, Ayla, and Mavis, but my partner said...
  4. Thank you everyone for the suggestions-sorry to...

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions-sorry to be so quiet after posting but my Firefox stopped allowing me to post! It seems like Adelaide, Rowan, Ellis and Hallie are the top choices from the list...
  5. Help!! Baby girl due in a month and need a name!

    My partner and I are expecting a baby girl in October and can't find the perfect name. The names we liked are even starting to just sound old and boring now. We need some fresh ideas or encouragement...
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