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    Bennett Graham or Graham Bennett?

    Help us pick a name for our baby boy! Big brother's name is Colin.

    I absolutely love Bennett but am afraid it's getting trendy. I also don't want to "timestamp" him - I have a name that peaked in...
  2. Thank you all so much!!! These are seriously...

    Thank you all so much!!! These are seriously great ideas that I never would have thought of! I truly appreciate it.

    We haven't decided on a first name yet, but we are leaning towards Colin. It's...
  3. I have a challenge for everyone - help with MN/honoring family...

    So this is a tough one. Everyone is such a naming expert, though, that I hope you ladies can come up with something! We are at a loss, and it's discouraging. :(

    We want to pick a middle name for...
  4. I think you have selected some very nice boy...

    I think you have selected some very nice boy names! :)

    Jacob Owen - really love Jacob, Owen sounds great with it, it is just very popular at the moment. If that doesn't bother you, then it's a...
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    Colin or Collin?

    This is our #1 name at the moment for DS (due in October), but I can't decide how I'd want to spell it. I didn't even question the traditional "Colin" until a few people mentioned that this spelling...
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