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    In labor - pls help Lillian or Lily or Emily

    In labor - need your help. Lillian Olivia Smith nn Lily or Lily Olivia Smith or Emily Olivia Smith?
    What do you like best out of the three?
    Thank you so much!!!!
  2. Siblings- Charlotte, Sophie AND Emily or Lillian (Lily)

    Please vote on Emily or Lillian and I am open to middle name suggestions too please. Last name is Smith.
    Thank you! Baby is due anytime :-)
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    HELP PLS Emily nn Emme or Lillian nn Lily?

    Hi, I was originally thinking of Liliana or Emily; however, Liliana doesn't seem to go as well with the last name Smith. My other daughters are named Charlotte and Sophie. My husband and I can only...
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    What girls name do you like best?

    Hi, sibling names are Charlotte nn Charlie and Sophie.

    Please help me decide between Emily Olivia Smith OR
    Liliana Grace/Belle/Giselle/Adele/Juliet/Emily Smith (middle name help pls) OR
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    Middle name for Liliana Smith PLS HELP

    Hi, I am looking for middle name suggestions for Liliana Smith, nickname Lily. Preferably one or two syllables as three plus may be getting too long. Charlotte, Sophie and Noelle have already been...
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    Liliana nn Lily or Emily

    Hi, I've tried to get into the name Lillian but for some reason I just can't. I would really appreciate your feedback on Liliana nn Lily or Emily, last name is Smith, and any middle name suggestions...
  7. Liliana nn Lily or Emily nn Emmy or Lillian nn Lily

    Hi, I would really appreciate your feedback. Sibling names are Charlotte (we call her Charlie) and Sophie. Last name is Smith. What name do you like best as a first and I am also looking for middle...
  8. ADVICE PLS Emily or Olivia / Hudson or Nathan

    Hi, baby number 3 is due soon and I would love your advice on these names. Last name is Smith. Sibling names are Charlotte and Sophie.
    For Girls: Emily or Olivia as a first name? Hubby prefers Emily...
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