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  1. Three weeks left - the final few!! Opinions, please.

    We are down to the last couple weeks and have narrowed down our list. We are not sure if the baby is a boy or girl, so we have a couple for each. Our last name is Irish (O').

    For girls (mn...
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    Poll: Names for a spunky, sweet Irish boy - with poll

    We're in the home stretch and have narrowed our names down. We still don't know if it's a boy or girl, but here are the final few for a little boy. The middle name will be Alexander. Our last name...
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    Maren, Laila, or Eira? Middle name?

    We are not finding out the gender of our baby due in September, but we are starting to narrow down our options. We hope to have 2-3 names picked for a boy and a girl, and wait until we meet our...
  4. Thanks for the feedback (and the awesome mountain...

    Thanks for the feedback (and the awesome mountain names, emlaweez!) We live in the mountains and play in the woods a lot, so I love names inspired by nature. My husband is a little less nature-y,...
  5. Feedback and suggestions for a little mountain baby

    Interested in feedback and suggestions. We are due in September. Last name is very Irish, with lots of Scottish in there, too. I'd like a name that isn't totally unknown, but not too common...
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    Poll: I'm reading Ender's Game (again) as we speak. I...

    I'm reading Ender's Game (again) as we speak. I do see the potential for teasing, so maybe Ender as a nn?
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    Mountain baby name

    We still have a way to go, but I am interested in feedback about some names we've been talking about. We are Scotch-Irish (last name O'Malley), but I would also like a name that is pronounce-able in...
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