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    Rory for a girl?... Or as a nick name for...

    I'm loving Rory, but I'm thinking it would be a great nm for another name... But what?
    My first daughter is named Hayden Anne-Claire, and I was convinced I was going to name this little one Maia...
  2. Ella Rae... First and middle, or double first name?

    I'm loving Ella Rae together, but I'm curious how you would use it.
    Do you all see it as a double first name, like Ella-Rae , or as a first and middle name?
    I would want to call her Ella Rae most...
  3. I understand what you were saying. I guess with a...

    I understand what you were saying. I guess with a name like Hayden, location is going to determine popularity when it comes to boy or girl. I get that Hayden and Aria aren't exactly in the same...
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses! I know...

    Thanks everyone for your responses!
    I know there were a couple of comments that said they were didn't see how these names matched Hayden all to well... one even calling Hayden masculine.
    When we...
  5. Dorothea is a must for us. I know its long, but...

    Dorothea is a must for us. I know its long, but really, its a middle name. Both my husband and I have grandmothers named Dorothea, and both have passed. Both were extraordinary women, and although it...
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    I know a couple who just named their daughter...

    I know a couple who just named their daughter Alba! The went with Alba Mae, and they have a 2 syllable last name as well. I think it sounds beautiful, and classic with Mae... I know they considered...
  7. My husband finally gave me his opinion!!! our top 3, yay!

    So my husband finally weighed in after months of shrugging off my name ideas! Our first daughters name is Hayden Anne Claire, and although I've never been a double middle name person, it was a great...
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    Names ending with A or the "ah" sound...

    So for awhile now, I've loved all names ending in the "ah" sound. I've really liked a few, but they are either super popular, or just a little different than what I'm used to. Please tell me what you...
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    Lucy names?...

    Curious to hear what names you all have heard with Lucy an NM. I actually really like Lucienne, pronounced Loo-see-EN.
    What "Lucy" names do you all know of? What are your favorites?
  10. Classic and timeless, NOT whimsical or out there?

    I was looking at names on the London Telegraph's birth announcements section, and a few names to to pop up a lot! I actually like a few, but I was just wondering what your thoughts are on these......
  11. Who has, or is planning to use a top 100 baby name?

    Kinda based on my last post, I'm curious to know who has used a top 100 baby name, and what your experience has been. Have you come across a lot of other little girls with the same name? I guess more...
  12. How popular is Sophia/Sofia really? How many do you know?

    I love this name, always have, but with it being the #1 name I'm afraid my little girl will me 1 of 6 in a class room in a few years... The SSA says about 1 in 100 were given the name in 2011.
  13. My little girl to be born in October is most...

    My little girl to be born in October is most likely going to be Adélie... its my husbands favorite name. I on the other hand can't make up my mind to save my life! It's nowhere near popular, not even...
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    julia, juliette, or juliana?...

    What are your thoughts on the names... old, dated, or classic? What do you picture a little girl with each name being like? I don't know why, but I'm big into the image of a name.
    Plus, any other...
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    I actually have the name Adelie on my list... My...

    I actually have the name Adelie on my list... My family is from France, and when I asked a very similar question of them (back in France, Ive never lived there), They suggested Adelie. I love the...
  16. Some names I've seen lately, what are your thoughts?

    here is a list of some names I've seen floating around recently... What are your thoughts?

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    Jessica is actually really popular in the UK...

    Jessica is actually really popular in the UK right now... #12 in 2011, down from #1 back in 2005.
    I'm a Meaghan, and was always 1 of at least 2 in my class. Although I hear it more often on little...
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    First name for middle name Dorothea?

    Hey all! So my husband and I have yet to settle on a name for little girl on the way, but we have a definite middle. Dorothea happens to be both my paternal grandmother's name, and my husbands...
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    I love the name, and the sound of it if perfect....

    I love the name, and the sound of it if perfect. However, I do have a family friend whose daughter is named Annaliese, and she has begun being teased for the "Anal" sound at the beginning of her...
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    Thoughts on Sienna?...

    A very close friend is about to have a girl, just like myself, and she loves the name Sienna! What do you all think? What kind (looks, personality, traits, likes) of girl do you picture when you hear...
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    How to make a double first name work?

    I'm loving the name rose, and always have. But I'm to crazy for it on it's own as a first name. I like Rosabel, but that about it. I'm not a fan of many other Rose names.
    I was thinking of maybe...
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    Alternatives to uber popular names!

    I love all of the top baby names, my favorites being Sophia, Ava, Emily, Olivia, Isabella/Isabelle.
    With my second baby girl due soon, I'm having a hard time finding the just the right name, and...
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    My first daughters name is actually Hayden...

    My first daughters name is actually Hayden Anne-Claire. I love Hayden for a girl, and where I live it is definitely more a girls name than boys. It was my grandmother's maiden name, and couldn't have...
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    Sophiana or Sofiana... What do you think?

    What are your thoughts on Sophiana/Sofiana? I think it sounds pretty, and Sofiane is a legit name, but does this sound to made up or smooshed together?
  25. Thread: Julia

    by meagh515

    I love this name! It's on my list for our baby...

    I love this name! It's on my list for our baby girl due in Oct. I never really thought of it until i met a little girl a few years ago named Julia... She was exactly how I pictured my future daughter...
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