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  1. Thread: She's here!!!

    by bmy1215

    She's here!!!

    Thank you fellow nameberry name lovers for all your help and input!! We are proud to annouce that Anniston Josephine has arrived!! Her big sister Ellery calls her Annie and my side of the family...
  2. Please share your unique/uncommon names that start with 'A'!!

    We have a name picked, but I'm having 2nd thoughts & want to make sure I've gone through all my choices before we run out of time! So I'm looking for unique/uncommon/different, yet pretty names that...
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    My daughters name is Ellery and we still get...

    My daughters name is Ellery and we still get compliments on it!!! It's such a great name!! We call her Ellie or Elle. (Or you can spell it Ellary and nickname her Ella, or Ellori and nickname her...
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