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    Poll: Help me choose baby girl name!

    My husband and I are between two names now! :) I'm having so much trouble deciding! Please help!They're both very different names! I suppose I will use one or the other as a first/middle! Which do...
  2. I was favoring Evelyn Rose :) Good memory! I am...

    I was favoring Evelyn Rose :) Good memory! I am not so sure about Rose now though- I had no idea how popular it had become.. Haha I was thinking it was a very unique middle name, found it otherwise! ...
  3. 33 weeks pregnant! Opinions please?

    I'm of European descent and my husband is hispanic- We speak Spanish at home. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and cannot decide on a baby name for my daughter My name is Jasmine Elizabeth and my husband's name...
  4. 34 weeks pregnant and undecided on name! Help!

    Hi everyone! I'm 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.
    The name I thought we had decided on was * Evelyn Rose* (Eva for short) pronounced Eh-vuh..

    I'm suddenly having second thoughts? I'm not sure...
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    Two first names?

    My husband and I can't decide on a name for our daughter! We love the names Evelyn and Rose-of course we could use one for a middle name? But can't decide which as we want to use them both as a...
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    Too common?? Help please =-)

    My husband and I love the name Isabel. We are seriously considering naming our daughter this! It's a family name for us, after my husband's very loved grandmother who recently passed! However I know...
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    Baby Boy Name HELP! :-)

    I'm trying to come up with a name for our son! My husband and I are having so much trouble! My husband's family is Hispanic and speaks Spanish so the name we choose should be pronounced easily in...
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