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  1. India/Tabitha/Willow/Eden/ sister combo?

    Which are your 2 favourite names for 2 sisters?
    India (nn Indie)
    Tabitha (nn Tabby)
    Eden (nn edie)
  2. Replies

    What's your favourite sister combination?

    Willow Amelie & India Rose*
    Tabitha Wren & Eden Amelie
    Willow Amelie & Tabitha Wren
    India Rose & Tabitha Wren
    Wren Matilda & India Rose
    Pearl Juno & India Rose
    Amelie Willow & Wren Matilda...
  3. 6 x girl sibling combos - which is your favourite?

    After a few posts and useful feedback I've narrowed down my 6 girl sibling combos. Which are your favourites?
    India Rose & Willow Amelie
    Tabitha Wren & Eden Amelie
    Tabitha Wren & Willow Amelie...
  4. Eden for a girl (nickname Edie) - do you like this name?

    Do you like this name? If not I'd be interested to know why - because it's too masculine or because it's tacky? I've seen some comments on feeds saying it's tacky or sounds like a stripper but I...
  5. Thank you all for your really helpful comments!...

    Thank you all for your really helpful comments! Looks like Tabitha Wren wins followed by India Rose & Eden Amelie.

    I'd be interested to hear why people dislike Eden - I've seen comments on some...
  6. Which is your favourite and least favourite girls name from the list?

    India Rose (nn Indie)
    Eden Amelie (nn Edie)
    Willow Isabelle
    Pearl Juno
    Tabitha Wren (nn Tabby)
    Wren Isabella

    To get an idea of what we're looking for in a name, we want a mix of classic and...
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