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    1- (or 3-syllable) MN for Cora

    We're settled on Cora for a FN but still struggling a little with the MN. The current favorite is "Cora Rose", which I do think will be lovely if we choose it. I don't think I care that there's the...
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    Cora Rose - does it work?

    We're pretty much settled on Cora (although our 2.5 year old is convinced it should be another name!) as a FN and I love Rose as the middle but does the repeating "R" sound really weird? I can't tell!
  3. Would you nix Eva (Ee-va) because of the popularity of Ava?

    I know Ava is super trendy right now -- would you nix Eva (pronounced with a long E) by association? It's 86 on the SSA list. Part of me thinks it's a different enough and classic in its own right. I...
  4. Not sure about short list - need fresh options - please help!

    My husband and I aren't totally sure that we're sold on the 2 top names we've chosen for our DD, due in April. We like both names but feel like maybe we don't LOVE them enough for either to be the...
  5. Amelia ("Lia") or Nina.. We're going back and forth!

    What do you like better?

    Sister to Zoe, last name starts with D, 2 syllables, ends in "son"
  6. Amelia predictions -- do you think it will keep getting more popular? top ten?

    My husband and I loooove Amelia (nickname "Lia")- our only concern is whether it will continue to get more popular. It's currently #23 on the SSA list but I know that's not necessarily a perfect data...
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    Nina or Cora - thoughts? associations?

    Last name starts with a "D", 2 syllables, ends in "son"

    I'm going back and forth about Nina. Some days I absolutely love it, other days I'm not as sure. I wish there was any nickname to go along.....
  8. Girl name for sister to Zoe - suggestions?

    Favorites so far are Nina and Nora. I love Eliza too but husband doesn't. I also love Amelia but think it's maybe too popular.

    Looking for strong and spunky but somewhat feminine names. Thanks!
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