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    Arabella Sophia - thoughts?

    My husband absolutely loves this name but I'm worried it a little too "much"...the rhymyness of both ending in A and both names being on the frilly/long side.

    The other middle names on our list...
  2. Thank you guys so much, I love these suggestions!...

    Thank you guys so much, I love these suggestions! I really love the Bella Reena thing (Arabella Serena is my fave for that combo) and Bella Rue is just adorable :) My husband LOVES the name Sophia...
  3. Need the perfect middle name for Arabella (nickname "Bella") that will be used a lot.

    My older daughter is named Katelyn Rose and we always call her "Katie Rose". For this baby (due in October) we have settled on the name Arabella, but will most likely be calling her Bella and I want...
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