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    Forms of Molly?

    I need your help! We are expecting and we want to honor our parents and I have a way to honor three of them but not the mother in law! Her name is Molly and thats so difficult for me to fit into a...
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    Poll: Tessa or Dalia poll!

    Okay, did this already and got even results with no decision made!!
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    Poll: Strong, unique male names

    Help! We are super picky and just don't know what what we want!! I'm not sure about the middle names... These are the ones we like but if you have better ideas let me know, or if we should switch...
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    Poll: Thanks so much! I love Dalia so much. We have a...

    Thanks so much! I love Dalia so much. We have a lot of 'li'a's in the family. I am just concerned Dalia will be associated with the Black Dahlia murder. Which seriously bugs me, which is why I liked...
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    Poll: Help! Feminine, spunky name poll!

    Help! We want a girls name that is spunky, feminine and beautiful. I'm pretty partial to Dalia (Hebrew, pronounced like the flower, Dahlia) we aren't sure. The middle names are all variations of...
  6. Thanks! I like Aelwen and Ceri! I think we are...

    Thanks! I like Aelwen and Ceri! I think we are thinking English or Southern names... Scarlett, Georgia, or Carolina. But again these are a bit too popular for me.
  7. Help with a Strong, feminine, meaningful, spunky girl's name!

    I need help we have have a baby boy name picked out that we LOVE, Brigan Paul, but am at a loss for a baby girl name and want to pair it with the middle name Scout. I love Emme (too similar to the...
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