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    Welcome Arthur Henry

    On October 10th we welcomed Arthur Henry to our family. Little brother to Edward Thaddeus (2) and Angelbaby Oliver.

    We have not settled on a nickname but are leaning towards Arlo.
  2. Brother for Edward and Oliver: Alexander, Arthur or Sebastian

    We are expecting a baby October 14th and are really stuck on boys names. A baby boy's middle name will be Henry after my grandfather. After months of back and forth and going through thousands of...
  3. Favourite adorable nickname and classic boys name combo

    I'm starting to get stressed. We have a baby due in October and I'm not feeling any boys names.
    We have a son Edward "Teddy" Thaddeus who is 2 and an angel baby Oliver who would have been called...
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    Boys name, sibling to Edward and Oliver

    I am currently expecting a baby due in October. We have a 21 month old son Edward "Teddy" Thaddeus and a son Oliver who was stillborn. If this baby is a girl we will be calling her Adelaide Gisele...
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