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  1. We can't agree... Please suggest some boys names we'll both like?

    He likes Edward and Joshua
    I like Romeo and Jonah

    He hates my choices
    I hate his.

    Please list some names we might both like!
  2. WE CAN'T AGREE ON ANYTHING! Please suggest some girls names we'll BOTH like?

    BF likes- Eve, Melissa, Hannah and Louise

    I really dislike all of them

    My likes- Clarissa, Elsa, Sakura and Annalie

    He hates them all.

    Please suggest something we both like!
  3. Wow! I adore your kids names! :O They're beautiful

    Wow! I adore your kids names! :O They're beautiful
  4. How many kids do you have (or want to have) and what did (or would) you name them?

    Just a little survey :)
    I, myself, have no children- I'm far too young right now! Well, I think I am. I'm not sure how many I want in the future, but I do know that i love the name Julian James for...
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    Around The World Naming Babies

    See how many baby you can name ;)

    1) a baby with a english first and middle name (gender: your choice)
    2) a baby with a japanese first name, and word for a middle (gender: your choice) (e.g....
  6. Inspired by my kids : WDYT of these names from popular kids tele shows? (For fun)

    My kids inspired me to ask this!
    My 6 yo daughter came up to me and says 'I love the name Yami! It's cute!'
    I had no idea where she got this name from until the next day while watching tele with...
  7. 'Pagan' names for girls (nature, spiritual, deities etc) ??? +BQ

    Pagan names would be like names of deities (gods and goddesses), plants, natural things etc etc?

    BG: what are you favourite pagan-like names? or just favourite names in general? :)
  8. Is there any GIRLS name that could work for BOYS? + BQ: what are you top 10 names?

    Since girls are being named Madison, James and Shiloh etc, which were originally boys names, if there any girls names that might work for boys?

    After doing a little research, these are the names i...
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    WDYT of the name Russell?

    Your thoughts

    BQ: what middle name do you think would be good for Russell?
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