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    THank you so much, everyone!

    THank you so much, everyone!
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    Hmm, something Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Vietnamese...

    Hmm, something Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Vietnamese names >.<
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    Suggestions for Elegant name

    Hey everyone!

    I would be very happy if I could get some name suggestions for a girl's name that you find to be "elegant". If you're able to, it would also be nice with a elegant name that:

  4. I actually never watched Sherlock Holmes. My...

    I actually never watched Sherlock Holmes. My friend wanted some names suggested to that middle name. I am not even sure if she knows that it's from Sherlock Holmes... Now I feel stupid xD
  5. I really like "Selene", "Lyra" and "Diana". Any...

    I really like "Selene", "Lyra" and "Diana". Any think you are best for it?

    Also don't feel discouraged by this post, please keep on making new suggestions, they help me out a ton :D Thank you!
  6. First name for the middle name, "Moriarty".

    Hey there!

    So, I would to hear some suggestion for a girl who has the name "Moriarty" as her middle name. Which firstname could sound good with "Moriarty"? If it's not too much to ask for, it...
  7. Suggestions for Mysterious girlname with "S"

    Hello everyone!
    I am in need of a name for a girl, starting with "S". It needs to sound mystical and almost... "stealthy" you could say. Maybe slightly intemidating. I already found some names I may...
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    Suggestion for "fire" girl

    Hello there!

    So, I want to find a girl name that sorta resembles fire. Like, with a soft tone to it, beautiful like embers but as if it can break into an inferno in no time if you anger her. If...
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