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    Okay, I hope you had/will have a great trip!
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    Yes yes yes! Except for that fact that I'm not very good add it, though I've been taking it for years, like since second grade. But at my school it was a small class, and because people kept joining and leaving and we only had one teacher, we kept starting over from the beginning of the book every year. But I love it, and I'm taking it again this year! Finally I'm starting to get those declensions down...

    I have one important question though: do you use Ecce Romani or Cambridge? If you're using something else, that's fine too, but something I've noticed is that (I take Ecce Romani) when I talk to people about Latin and they take Cambridge, or I am in a conversation where that happens, both sides seem to realize, "This is WAR," in their heads and start painstakingly defending their own workbook. Don't worry, I won't delcare that on you if you take Cambridge!
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    I love American Girl Dolls! I find them charming, though I don't like some of them. And yes, I have seen the Molly movie. It's one of my favorite of the AGDs, but I agree with you on that point.

    I loved The Giver, and my friends loved Lord of the Flies and Romeo and Juliet, though I haven't read them. I really want to read the Odyssey, and I've never heard of Of Mice and Men--though it sounds somewhat familiar, somehow. As for Farenheit 451... well... I haven't read it, but I don't like Ray Bradbury. I read some of his short stories. I guess my stance on him is similar to your on Charles Dickens.

    I'm looking forward to reading To Kill a Mockingbird when school starts, since I've heard a lot about it.

    This is a random question, but do you take Latin? Or have you? For some reason you seem like that sort of person.
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    I'm homeschooled, so no summer reading! I have a long list for the school year, which is nice. I trust my mom's choices to be at interesting.

    The summer before my first year of homeschooling (in 4th grade) we were assigned Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett. I could not even bring myself to finish that book, which hadn't happened before. So it's a good thing I wasn't going back! Chasing Vermeer was a book I simply could not get into. The characters were a little bland, the plot was not written well enough to feel pulled in, and the whole book was based around logic. That's not bad thing, but apparently it ends by a painting talking to the protagonists and giving them the answer. Logic mysteries are all well and good, but they should NEVER be solved by magic. Ever.

    I've only read A Christmas Carol by Dickens, I think. But speaking of foreign cultures, have you read My Family and Other Animals? (That title...) It's about a family that suddenly moves to Greece one summer from Britain.
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    Yeah, it was fun. Hope yours was too!

    I looked The Kite Runner up, and it seems like a really interesting book. I'd like to read it sometime... I'll see where I can Maybe because it's in a war-torn country (Afghanistan) it made me think of The Book Theif (WWII, Germany, by Markus Zusak.) It's narrated by Death, and really good. Have you read it? I also was reminded of I Am Malala, another (true) book about a teenage girl named Malala in Pakistan, who stood up for girls' education under the Taliban. She actually is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Btw, Dagmar Oddveig Naess is an AWESOME name. I love it! Norse names are so appealing... especially the ones that are more unusual, though commoner ones like Ingrid are fun too.
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    Hi! I'm back again!
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    (Also, I won't be able to respond for a week after this message, since on my vacation I won't have regular access to a computer. So I'm still interesting in chatting, I'm just not on NB at the time. )
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    I loved (and still do) playing games that other people call 'Imagination,' but what I and my friend call 'people-games.' I don't know why, but my name for it always seemed to make perfect sense and other peoples' name for it I hated. Basically, it's like a play without a script. You decide who you are: anything from a werewolf to a maid, really, and then you act as that person. The other people do the same, and you interact as that person you are.

    I always took a long time deciding my name (so hence my names interest evolved) and I guess I eventually started writing, because I got plenty of ideas and the other person didn't always just do what I wanted to make another happen for my character. Then my brother started trying to writing a short story a day, and I tried to too. One thing led to another, and after the writing a short story a day thing sort of failed, I took a hiatus for a while, then started writing again.

    What are some of your favorite authors?
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    Ugh! I just wrote a response twice, and both times the page somehow reloaded when I was about to post. Well, here goes a third time.

    Gypsy Rose Lee sounds pretty interesting. I have multiple story ideas, but my main dilemma with my long stories is that I have like five right now. And then I have more in the back of my mind. One that I've started to write a couple times is about this family called the Pencasters, and it focuses on mostly on the two oldest, Caedmon and Ailsa. Caedmon is about 17 and Ailsa is about 16. I've developed most of the characters but I haven't much of a plot yet. I also have this idea that is special to me and I hope to write it out successfully sometime. I've tried a couple times, but it hasn't really seemed right yet. It's about a girl whose older sister, named Maud, dies. The story is written through the 'letters' that the sister writes to Maud.

    How long have you been writing?
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    I do write realistic fiction too, and I have a little dystopian seedling (what I call my ideas that aren't fully developed yet.) I have no idea where to take it now. I don't write poetry, though I used to write a little. It's not really my forte area. I'd love to be an author!

    I'm not part on an online writing community yet. though I may consider it for the future. I have only been writing--like really writing--for maybe a year, so yeah. It's what started me on names.

    I love creating characters and worlds in my writing, and half the time I don't even plan it out, but I can look at, say, a leaf, and see a person, or a name, and it's like the egg that the chick (as in the character or story) hatches out of. Okay, maybe not the best analogy. But it's something along those lines.

    Have you done NaNoWriMo? I'm planning to this year but considering that I'm a slow writer, I probably won't get it done. It's hard for me to write in seperate drafts, as I edit as I write.
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