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    I've done that too... we all blunder sometimes.

    I'm a little more into being Father Christmas now that I have my own little elf henchman (no idea why) and I've gone to the first practice. The costume ladies measured us already. I think my costume will be pretty fun! The one thing is that though my voice is low, it's definitely a girl's voice, and I'm supposed to do a British accent, which is not what I'm especially good at. I tried to get out of it by saying that Santa is universal, but oh well! My problem with doing British accents is that I'm totally deaf, so even though I have a cochlear implant that helps me hear, I have a 'deaf accent,' and that accent mixed my my British accent attempt doesn't really sound right...

    As for your creative writing class, I don't get that! The teacher could just say, "Write a story with ____." Not much work for the teacher and actual writing, if nothing else. Maybe you could suggest some ideas, if it stays like this?
  2. Yeah, I love drama! Idk who I'll try out for, but not Scout. I don't look like a believable seven year old. I'll do Mayella Ewell. She's complex and dramatic. She could be interesting.

    That's cool that you're doing The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It's a good show. And yeah, Father Christmas is a bit... unexpected. But hey, who doesn't love Christmas?

    I heard of The House on Mango Street! We had to read a few excerpts from it. I never read the full book, but it's on my read list. And I love your book suggestions! I swear that I'll read a bunch of them this winter, since that's when I have free time.

    My creative writing class is not what I was expecting. This is what we've done so far: We wrote our favorite song lyrics on construction paper, and we cut out words from a magazine to make a poem. When will we ACTUALLY do creative writing? The magazine poem thing I guess is writing, since it is a poem, but the song lyric thing? What has that got to do with writing?
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    Agh! WHY does my computer do this?? (It has lost and/not processed my message twice!!!) Anyway:

    The play sounds really fun and interesting! You're interested in drama, right? Are you going to try out for it? Then who?

    I'm doing a play with a homeschooling drama group-- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Guess who I am? FATHER CHRISTMAS. It was, um, shall I say... unexpected. We don't have try-outs, the director just chooses who's who from past experience with everybody, what would be a challenge or what they're good at, something like that.

    My current creative writing assignment is to write a couple vignettes based off The House on Mango Street (read it, it's amazing!) It's a semi-fictionalized auto-biography by Sandra Cisneros, growing up in Chicago in a poor Hispanic neighborhood. It's a very simple, not very grammatical, very little punctuation style-story.. but it totally works. If you haven't read it, you should.

    Am I suggesting too many books? Hmm...
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    Oh my goodness, I thought I wrote a longer message to you a week ago! I guess it didn't process... Sorry! Also, I hope your surgery went well!

    How's school? I just started today. I'm still homeschooling, though I though about not continuing this year. My mom is assigning tons of reading this year--and one of them is Great Expectations! I'll tell you what I think about it once I read it. Speaking of books, I DO recommend 'Mortal Engines' by Phillip Reeve. The first sentence is:

    "It was a dark, blustery afternoon in spring, and the city of London was chasing a small mining town across the dried-out bed of the old North Sea."

    Makes you blink and read it a couple times, doesn't it? I'm not very far, but I already love it! Plus, some of the names are awesome, like Thaddeus Valentine.

    Micronations are super cool, by the way. Thanks for telling me about them! There's a country I like a lot called San Marino that isn't a micronation, but it's only 24 sq. miles.
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    Oh wow, good luck! I was traveling, so I'll respond with a longer message soon, but I DON'T like arriving on a plane to places late... *yawn*
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    I LOVE DOGS. I have one dog, named Walnut. He is the cutest thing EVER! (Look up the Korean Jindo. The orange ones look like him.) I've had him practically my whole life. He looks like a fox. Pomeranians are adorable, too. Some small dogs are the best--sadly, mine is too big to sit on my lap. Though if he was small, he probably wouldn't anyway, since he is naturally reserved and little shows of affection are stronger and cuter then. As for penguins, you will LOVE Sir Nils Olav. Look him up! And check images. He actually did everything proper at the knighting ceremony; standing still, walking down the line of soldiers, wearing a badge. I learned about him today.

    I think the King of Norway is now my favorite monarch for doing that--not that I know about many monarchs!
  7. dhdbuewdwsss
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    Hi, Caroline, how's you're vacation? I hope it's fun! Actually, I'm on vacation too, but at relatives, so I have wifi.

    Back to Latin... YES I KNOW. Boys, especially when they're this age, are so annoying in Latin class!! And what with farts and whatnot... it's aggravating. Well, at least girls are supposed to mature earlier than boys, haha. Glad that the girls in I know in Latin don't do that! I haven't read that much about Sextus, but from what I can tell, he's trouble and a pain. I fell in love with Flavia's name, though she doesn't really do much, and I'm fairly certain that once Cornelia's family moves she's out forever.

    What's your favorite animal? I love hedgehogs. I don't know WHY, but I do.
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    Okay, I hope you had/will have a great trip!
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    Yes yes yes! Except for that fact that I'm not very good add it, though I've been taking it for years, like since second grade. But at my school it was a small class, and because people kept joining and leaving and we only had one teacher, we kept starting over from the beginning of the book every year. But I love it, and I'm taking it again this year! Finally I'm starting to get those declensions down...

    I have one important question though: do you use Ecce Romani or Cambridge? If you're using something else, that's fine too, but something I've noticed is that (I take Ecce Romani) when I talk to people about Latin and they take Cambridge, or I am in a conversation where that happens, both sides seem to realize, "This is WAR," in their heads and start painstakingly defending their own workbook. Don't worry, I won't delcare that on you if you take Cambridge!
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