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    Yesterday, 11:33 PM
    DH: Hugh Gabriel DW: Sofia Helene DD: Phoebe Camille DD: Tessa Harriet DS: Elliott Spencer DD: Lucy Beatrice DS: William Dashiell DD:...
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    Yesterday, 11:24 PM
    sarahmezz replied to a thread Small CAF in Baby Name Games
    LN: Powell DH: Travis Timothy DW: Anaya Jane DS: Benjamin Blake DD: Alice Clover DS: Davis Basil DD: Penelope Carmen
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    Yesterday, 11:21 PM
    LN: Grey DH: Benjamin Charles DW: Eve Veronique DS: Oliver Alexander DS: Cormac Miles DS: George Maxwell DD: Mia Catherine
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    Yesterday, 11:18 PM
    sarahmezz replied to a thread Caf in Baby Name Games
    DH (40): Michael William DW (39): Catherine Elizabeth DD/DD (15): Emily Abigail & Sarah Jessica DS (13): Matthew James DD (11): Caleb...
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    Yesterday, 11:13 PM
    LN: Chase DH: Michael Matthew DW: Tahira Bella DD: Imogen Rosalie DS: Liam Onyx DD: Sharia Yara DD: Felicity Katherine DS: Finley Beckett
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    Yesterday, 01:36 AM
    sarahmezz replied to a thread Generation CAF in Baby Name Games
    DH: Solomon Armand Faulkner -DW: Hannah Edythe Meyer --DS: Lenny Lucien Faulkner --DD: Elayne Georgina Faulkner --DS: Daniel Mitchell Faulkner...
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    October 11th, 2015, 02:39 AM
    LN: Johansson DH: Stefan Magnus DW: Ulrika Karin DS: Axel Wilhelm DD: Elsa Majken DS: Alfred Linus DD: Vera Novalie DD: Astrid Ronja
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    October 11th, 2015, 02:36 AM
    LN: Albright DH: Phillip Kenneth DW: Sarah Lorraine DS: Theodore Preston DS: Andrew Gordon DS: Stephen Douglas DD: Lillian Frances DS:...
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    October 11th, 2015, 02:33 AM
    JACOB or Noah Mason or NATHAN WILLIAM or Lucas Jayden or THOMAS Noah or LOUIS Michael or ARTHUR ETHAN or Mohamed ALEXANDER or Mathis Aiden or...
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    October 11th, 2015, 02:30 AM
    DS: Oliver Elijah DS: Elias Nathaniel DD: Rose Josephine DS: Oscar Timothy DD: Eleanor Naomi DD: Lillian Evelyn
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  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 10th, 2015, 09:32 PM
    Maebh: This is gorgeous. Very simple yet very elegant. 09/10. Fionnuala: I love, love, love this name. It's enthralling on every level. 10/10....
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  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 10th, 2015, 08:59 PM
    Thank you! :D Alvaret is actually not a name but a Swedish word but as soon as I saw it, I lost my heart to it. I'm moderately ashamed of it,...
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    October 10th, 2015, 02:36 AM
    DD: Marian Hero DD: Juno Frances DD: Esme Charlotte DD: Thora Miriam DD: Holly Margot DD: Diana Dorothy DD: Audrey Winona DD: India...
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    October 10th, 2015, 02:32 AM
    DH: Ernest James DW: Edith Elizabeth DS: Michael Charles DD: Daphne Hyacinth DS: Alexander Hugh DD: Fiona Madeline DS: Angus David DD:...
    29 replies | 333 view(s)
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    October 10th, 2015, 02:29 AM
    LN: Black DH: Damian Jasper DW: Persephone Eve DD: Sabrina Delilah DD: Wednesday Tempest DS: Frederick Wolf DD: Luna Abigail DD:...
    59 replies | 559 view(s)
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    October 9th, 2015, 03:33 AM
    DH (100): Arthur Louis Ashmore -DW (99): Helen Ruth Ennis --DS (80): Roland Patrick Ashmore --DS (76): Theodore Franklin Ashmore --DS/DS (74):...
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  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 9th, 2015, 12:59 AM
    I'm BP-II and I've also been struggling with social anxiety for as long as I can remember (that was actually what made me seek help to begin with)....
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  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 9th, 2015, 12:36 AM
    Went through eight pages to find this thread just to recommend you all to read The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith (which, surprise, I'm...
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  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 9th, 2015, 12:24 AM
    I prefer Lysander. I personally think that Leonidas is a fascinating name but very hard to pull off. An acquaintance recently named her son Maximus...
    9 replies | 321 view(s)
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    October 9th, 2015, 12:15 AM
    DH: Elliot Beau DW: Madeleine Marielle DD: Sophie Charlotte DS/DS: Nathaniel Alexander & Jasper Xavier DD: Emma Rosamund DD: Saskia Marlow...
    31 replies | 292 view(s)
  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 9th, 2015, 12:11 AM
    "Nordic" is a pretty broad term. After all, the Nordic countries consist of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland...
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  • sarahmezz's Avatar
    October 9th, 2015, 12:08 AM
    sarahmezz replied to a thread Melbourne CAF in Baby Name Games
    This is cool since I grew up in Melbourne! LN: Brunswick DH: Arthur Frederick DW: Lydia Blair DS: George Kenneth DS/DS: Raphael Bernard...
    54 replies | 1019 view(s)
  • sarahmezz's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 11:59 PM
    Ghost Family DH: Wesley Grover DW: Lydia Blanche DD: Olive Lucinda DS: Martin Chester DD: Doris Winifred DD: Mabel Josephine DS: Peter...
    76 replies | 5307 view(s)
  • sarahmezz's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 11:55 PM
    DH: Atticus Charles DW: Chloe Georgia DS: Lucas Holden DS: Arthur Theodore DD: Cora Antoinette DS: Nico Tobias DD: Astrid Joan DD: Sophie...
    31 replies | 324 view(s)
  • sarahmezz's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 11:51 PM
    sarahmezz replied to a thread Namebank CAF in Baby Name Games
    DS: Atticus Felix DD: Violet Marlowe DD: Sophia Evangeline DS: Milo Flynn DD: Cecilia Scarlett DD: Elodie Aurora
    42 replies | 379 view(s)
  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 11:36 PM
    I suppose I'm in the minority but I could see it work. Mary and Marie, while having the same origin, are pronounced vastly different and you put the...
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  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 11:29 PM
    Flora Penelope: Neither of the names are my style but it looks and sounds terrific. 07/10. Rose Lavinia Charlotte: Very elegant. Seeing Rose as a...
    4097 replies | 2258486 view(s)
  • shvibziks's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 10:48 PM
    @dearest: Liva Leonor and Nor Eindride are my favourites (especially the latter, I'm so there for Nor-love :D) but I'm intrigued by all the names in...
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  • dindlee's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 06:06 AM
    My Zoe Milena... Zoe was chosen for meaning (life) because it's used in my favorite Bible verse. It's also short, easily pronounced in both...
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  • dindlee's Avatar
    October 8th, 2015, 05:58 AM
    dindlee replied to a thread Formula... in Momberries
    When they are so young, any switch in milk (breast to formula or even switching formulas) will cause gas and constipation. You have to give it a few...
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    Ugh, I'm a dope. I meant to post that I found a copy of Lighthousekeeping today and was distracted by Eimyrja. The first line totally sold me on it. "My mother called me Silver. I was born part precious metal part pirate." Thanks for the recommendation, I'm looking forward to reading some of it tonight.
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    Eimyrja! She goes great with Cleo. I won't be able to use her, SO said no although he thought it sounded pretty, the spelling is too much. He's probably right, but it sounds so pretty.
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    Truce then? : ) ?
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    Hello my sweet! I'm voracious lately when it comes to yours and Sarah's threads...can't wait to sink my teeth into Gwenllian! Just want to let you know I heart you and hope your day is going well ^_^
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    Okie dokes, Otterbox. There should be space now!
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    Thanks! I love it, too. Tabitha has gone on and off the list a dozen times, and always makes her way back up. Eilonwy and Snow have been on the list since forever. The Mister isn't crazy about Eilonwy, he says it looks confusing, but he knows how much I loved Eilonwy when I was a little girl, so he's letting me keep her. Yay!
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    I know that we had a bit of a tiff but i'm willing to forget about what you said as i'm sure you didn't mean it and also apologise for any offence that you might have felt. We're are all very different people on here but that doesn't mean that we can't all get along. Also i think that Dita and Cleo aren't too weird at all and 'if' they were it's still your decision. In fact Dita is quite 'vintage trendy'. I'm not really a person who doesn't speak their mind when i feel it really matters and i don't mind being the one voice disagreeing in a sea screaming 'yes' and i hope that people would also feel ok giving constructive criticisim about my names too. However i do and can remain more silent sometimes!

    Anyway i have just answered one of your questions although i may not be of much help.... however i also answered a question of yours about Dogs the other day so i may be of some help there as i know a bit about dogs and you said your not much of a doggie person.
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    I know we're not doing boy combos any more, but Galileo Vincent Hyperion literally came to me in a dream, and it was so swoonworthy I just had to share! Of course with the search being down I couldn't actually go find the proper thread, so you get a wall post
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    Expecting another girl?! Awesome! I haven't been around much lately, but I just saw your girl name thread, and had to say hello. Love the top 6! My pick is Cleopatra. Dita and Cleo!

    I look forward to following along as you name this little girl
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    Was walking around Primark (of all places) in Southport and this lady shouted 'Olympia! Stop that!' I did a head swivel and was like O_O 'Must tell Otter.' Seriously tempted to go and shake her hand and congratulate her on picking a name that wasn't Sophie, Isabella or Lily.

    So cool to see a little Olympia in real life! She was about five. Her brother was Harry.
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