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    Today, 09:58 AM
    I am forever championing naming after Henrietta Swan Leavitt whose work was instrumental in Edwin Hubbel's discoveries but who gets left out of the...
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    Yesterday, 02:19 PM
    That's a tough choice. When I saw the headline, I immediately thought "whimsical" too about Gwen Felicity. It's very, very pretty and has a nice...
    13 replies | 238 view(s)
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    Yesterday, 02:10 PM
    I really like it here too. I like that when someone asks about, I don't know, help with baby's sleep issues, no one's like "Just appreciate that your...
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    January 27th, 2015, 12:44 PM
    I think it's a lot of name, plus it's unusual, so it's a one-two punch for a person to deal with. But, it has a lovely sound and a familiar nickname,...
    17 replies | 413 view(s)
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    January 25th, 2015, 01:11 PM
    r_j replied to a thread Find the hidden name in Baby Name Games
    Sandy I was so late to graduation that I barely made line-up.
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  • r_j's Avatar
    January 16th, 2015, 09:05 AM
    You're less emotionally prepared now you mean? I just want to say it's okay to change your mind about kids, and it's hard to say if it's the right...
    7 replies | 379 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 12th, 2015, 08:57 AM
    r_j replied to a thread Starting a baby on solids in Momberries
    Nothing much to add about process, but I always had to remind myself to relax. I would get anxious if my son wasn't eating, or hated a new puree, or...
    6 replies | 267 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 10th, 2015, 10:09 AM
    I like a few trendy (or at least, trendy sounding) names. Linden, Ava, Hayden, Skyler. They aren't high enough on my list to use, but I like them. ...
    11 replies | 796 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 10th, 2015, 09:57 AM
    r_j replied to a thread Wedding Question in Everything But Names
    You sound like a very thoughtful bride. You are right on when saying it's about the marriage, not the wedding! I think the invitations should be...
    11 replies | 382 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 10th, 2015, 09:43 AM
    I agree there are too many hate threads. The creators of each thread also seem it's a really original idea for some reason, and I am always surprised...
    30 replies | 2238 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 9th, 2015, 08:33 AM
    r_j replied to a thread Problems with Rory in Boy Baby Names
    She wasn't asking for opinions on the name itself, lol. I don't think Rory and Rose are too similar. It is a lot of Rs, but they don't rhyme or...
    6 replies | 280 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 6th, 2015, 02:41 PM This is a hilarious article guessing at the name, and the comments even funnier....
    11 replies | 1133 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 6th, 2015, 09:42 AM
    Mine are pretty tame. I like bird names like Lark, or flower names like Iris. My total guilty pleasure is Truly.
    20 replies | 782 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 4th, 2015, 09:41 AM
    r_j replied to a thread Teething in Momberries
    The only thing that seemed to help my son was chewing on a cloth, or some infant pain reliever for when he was completely miserable. The Sophie the...
    10 replies | 375 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 1st, 2015, 08:56 PM
    r_j replied to a thread Refusing baby food in Momberries
    Novels are welcome! Thank you both for the replies. It has been slow going with solid foods for us. He was late to sit up on his own and did not...
    6 replies | 255 view(s)
  • r_j's Avatar
    January 1st, 2015, 03:42 PM
    r_j started a thread Refusing baby food in Momberries
    Has this happened to anyone? My son just turned 9 months and for the past few weeks, he has absolutely refused his baby food. I thought at first he...
    6 replies | 255 view(s)
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