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  1. Hahah yeah Iam fine, thanks. Iam enjoying my summer break. How about you?
  2. Hey! It's been so long since we talked... we never seem to be online at the same time! How're you?
  3. Hey How are you?
  4. Yeah, no worries!
  5. Oh, sorry! I just thought it looked nice. I will use bigger
  6. Hey, what's with the tiny font? I love script but it's a bit hard to see (Maybe I just have bad eyes!)
  7. Okay thanks for letting me know I hope everything's fine.
  8. Lauren due to personal issues i'am taking a break from NB. If you want to contact with me please sent me a message to fb. Thanks.
  9. It's okay :-P it's Vasiliki.
  10. Ah silly me... just cleaned it out I can't even remember your real name, you told me once but I don't think I could pronounce or spell it even with English letters, but you seem to have a lot of nicknames!
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