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  1. Yeah, no worries!
  2. Oh, sorry! I just thought it looked nice. I will use bigger
  3. Hey, what's with the tiny font? I love script but it's a bit hard to see (Maybe I just have bad eyes!)
  4. Okay thanks for letting me know I hope everything's fine.
  5. Lauren due to personal issues i'am taking a break from NB. If you want to contact with me please sent me a message to fb. Thanks.
  6. It's okay :-P it's Vasiliki.
  7. Ah silly me... just cleaned it out I can't even remember your real name, you told me once but I don't think I could pronounce or spell it even with English letters, but you seem to have a lot of nicknames!
  8. Azalea your store is full I just wanting to say , thanks for the reply Honestly i had forget it too lol . And as for Belle image i dont think iam like that
  9. Hey Belle- tried to PM you and your inbox is full! ~Lauren
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