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  1. You're welcome, and that's very true, thank you!
  2. Aw, thank you! I love yours as well, considering our styles are quite similar
  3. You're absolutely welcome! I adore your name taste.
  4. I feel the need to bow dramatically now, thank you!
  5. I completely agree with you, Octavia nn Ava is genius!
  6. I couldn't come up with one for a while either, but the other day I was looking at it, and I realized that all the letters to make Ava are there, there's just an I in the way. Remove the I and voilaaaaa, Ava! :-) I love the name Ava, and I know a sweet little girl named it, but I'd never use it as a stand alone name (too trendy for me), so using as a nickname would be nice :-)
  7. Ava as a nickname for Octavia! I've never even thought of that! I quite like it. That was one of the reasons I think Octavia fell down my list - because I couldn't think of a nickname I liked for her.
  8. I love Octavia, it's beautiful :') I think I'd likely use Ava as a nickname to modernize it a bit, but just on it's own would be perfect for me too! I don't know if I'd ever use it, but I'd like to.
  9. Another Octavia lover! That's so exciting, I love seeing Octavia being mentioned! She was my favourite for quite a while, and although she's slipped down in my preferences, I still squeal when I see her on other people's lists.
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