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  1. Yes, thanks once more. I'm still giddy with love for my Lorelei Ondine. I saw a little girl walking down the street in the rain last night with her mom and a dog and pictured her as a Lorelei Ondine and it made me feel even stronger about the name. It's so perfect. It's lush and swishy and so many shades of blue.
  2. Wow! I'm so surprised and delighted that you went with Lorelei Ondine! So glad I was able to help…I'm doing a happy dance of my own over here!
  3. No worries, thanks for the info you had!
  4. Oh Faerydae! My guiltiest of guilty pleasures lol. Otter actually turned me on to the name...the sources I can find say it means "dark child" and/or "gift of the faeries." It's difficult to verify history or country of origin because it's apparently a very popular screenname so you get lots of WoW results and such when you Google search. It's not on either, which is usually my more accurate resource, even though they are missing some of the more unusual names. There's also a band called Faerydae, and they use the "gift of the faeries"'s a Dutch band, so maybe the name has Dutch roots? I tend to pronounce it somewhere between Faraday and "fairy day." Sorry I don't have more solid info!
  5. I have a question about a name in your sig: Faerydae. Is this an actual name you've found? Or just a fun magical name? Is it pronounced like Faraday, the scientist? I've always loved the name Faraday. It was used in a fantasy book series and she was such a cool female character, I've always thought it could work as a name. If Faerydae is real, and pronounced the same way, then my love of it just shot through the roof because oh my gosh, it has a faery in it!!
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