Girl Baby Names Moving Up Fast

Baby girl names moving quickly up the popularity ladder include:
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  • Everly

    Gender: F Rate:

    Everly is part Eva, part Emily, and a large part Everly Brothers. Its recent choice for his daughter by "sexiest man in the world" Channing Tatum will inevitably propel this trendy-sounding name hi... Read More 

  • Finley

    Gender: F Rate:

    This was a 100 percent male name until celebs Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon bestowed it on their daughter, recently followed by Lisa Marie Presley, who used it for one of her (female) twins. Now t... Read More 

  • Fiona

    Gender: F Rate:

    Fiona entered the American consciousness with the opening of the 1954 Broadway musical Brigadoon , but didn't come onto the U.S. popularity list until 1990, and it's only in the last two years that... Read More 

  • Freya

    Gender: F Rate:

    Freya, the name of the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility, has long been popular in the U.K. but just beginning to be appreciated here. Freya could make a possible namesake for an ancestra... Read More 

  • Gemma

    Gender: F Rate:

    Gemma is a jewel of a name, an Italian classic that was very popular in 1980s England, but has only recently been started to be used here; it entered the list in 2008, and is already at 316. Comin... Read More 

  • Genevieve

    Gender: F Rate:

    Genevieve is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to retain the gen sound but is tired of all the overused Jen names. The medieval saint Genevieve, patroness of Paris, defended the city against At... Read More 

  • Georgia

    Gender: F Rate:

    Georgia is so rich, lush and luscious, it's almost irresistible. Georgia's now a rising star among the feminizations of George, helped by associations with the southern state (named for British Kin... Read More 

  • Gia

    Gender: F Rate:

    Gia is a cute if slight name that calls to mind stylish sisters Mia, Lea, Pia, Tia, and Nia. Gia is a short form of Gianna, which in turn is a diminutive of Giovanna, the feminine form of Giovanni,... Read More 

  • Giovanna

    Gender: F Rate:

    Like Leonardo and Lorenzo, one of the Italian names that fashionable American parents -- with or without Italian roots -- have started to choose for their daughters.  Read More 

  • Giuliana

    Gender: F Rate:

    Names like Gianna, Giovanna, Giulia and Giuliana are being used increasingly by trendy baby namers--whether they have Italian roots or not. Read More 

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