Weather Baby Names

Weather baby names are a branch of nature names that reference the -- well, the weather! Some have direct weather meanings while others have a more subtle connection to the weather -- Eira, for instance, is a Welsh name that means snow, and Makani is Hawaiian for wind. Here are some weather baby names for you to consider.
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  • Gwyneira

    Gender: F Rate:

    An unusual Gwyn name with a lovely meaning. Read More 

  • Ham

    Gender: M Rate:

    Along with Shem and Japheth, a son of Noah with a name that's almost never used -- for more obvious reasons than those of his brothers.  Read More 

  • Hanish

    Gender: M Rate:

    This name from the ancient Gilgamesh Epic would be a challenging choice; Hamish makes a more user-friendly option.  Read More 

  • Hurricane

    Gender: F Rate:

    Hurricane is a storm, but it's also a baby name, thanks to rising tennis star Hurricane Black -- whose sister's name is Tornado. There's no reason this tempestuous choice can't work for boys too, ... Read More 

  • Makani

    Gender: F Rate:

    The sources that do list this name give it as a boys' name, but Woody Harrelson chose it for his daughter, and it does have a feminine lilt. Read More 

  • Nevada

    Gender: M Rate:

    Western place-name whose final a makes it feminine, though it still retains some cowboy punch.  Read More 

  • Neve

    Gender: F Rate:

    Introduced to the American public by actress Neve Campbell; it was her Dutch-born mother's maiden name. Neve is an interesting and fresh new possibility, one which Conan O'Brien chose for his daug... Read More 

  • Rain

    Gender: M Rate:

    Mostly feminine, though "Office" star Rainn Wilson gives it a slight masculine twist. You might also use this as a short form of Raines. Read More 

  • Rainey

    Gender: F Rate:

    Has an old-time country feeling, perhaps due to Ma Rainey, considered the "Mother of the Blues". Andie MacDowell has a now grown daughter named Rainie. Read More 

  • Reva

    Gender: F Rate:

    Refers to one of the seven sacred rivers of India.  Read More 

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