Patriotic Baby Names

Baby names with a patriotic flavor honor the land of the free and the home of the brave. Whether you're having a fourth of July baby, or you're just a proud American, here is a list of patriotic baby names sure to pay tribute to America.
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  • Reagan

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    Inextricably tied to the former president; used much more often for girls.  Read More 

  • Rebel

    Gender: M Rate:

    Asking for trouble.  Read More 

  • Sam

    Gender: M Rate:

    Sam has long been used on its own for boys. Now, Sam's very popular in the bourgeois bohemian world for both sexes.  Read More 

  • Star

    Gender: F Rate:

    Most parents today would prefer the softer-sell Stella.  Read More 

  • Tennessee

    Gender: M Rate:

    When playwright Thomas Lanier Williams adopted the pen name of Tennessee, he created a new possibility among American place-names, although it's admittedly a bit bulky in size. Reese Witherspoon br... Read More 

  • Victory

    Gender: F Rate:

  • Virginia

    Gender: F Rate:

    Virginia is a lovely place name starting with the fashionable V initial and having deep historical roots, yet, unlike some other other girls' classics, has been sorely neglected in recent years. ... Read More 

  • Washington

    Gender: M Rate:

    Lincoln, Tyler, Taylor, Jackson, Jefferson, Harrison, McKinley, Grant, Kennedy, Carter -- yes. Washington -- probably not.  Read More 

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