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1920s Baby Names

Baby names popular in the 1920s include the following, many not often heard today. The names here are all from the Top 50 of that decade. If the Hundred Year Rule holds true, we'll be hearing more of these 1920s baby names in the near future.
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  • Mildred

    Gender: F Rate:

    One grandma choice not slated for a comeback; in studies it's often picked as an example of an unappealing name. But with cute nickname Millie on the rise, anything's possible. Read More 

  • Norman

    Gender: M Rate:

    Norman, perhaps because it sounds so much like the word 'normal',conjures up the image of a noral-looking guy with a normal kind of job-- -- not an image many modern parents seek for their sons. ... Read More 

  • Paul

    Gender: M Rate:

    Paul is an ancient name -- popular in Roman and medieval times -- that's not very fashionable now, which can work in its favor, scarcity balancing simplicity. Paul also boasts a wide range of name-... Read More 

  • Ralph

    Gender: M Rate:

    Ralph has two diametrically different images: there's the suave Ralph Fiennes-type Brit (often pronounced Rafe), and then there's the Jackie Gleason blue-collar, bowling blowhard Ralph Kramden bus ... Read More 

  • Raymond

    Gender: M Rate:

    Now that the show has gone into reruns, does anybody still love Raymond? Though it's been long dormant, some parents -- including Jack Nicholson -- are finding its cool component, largely through t... Read More 

  • Richard

    Gender: M Rate:

    Richard is a far from stylish old Norman name, with a rich royal history, but now not even in the Top 100. All the possible nicknames of Richard -- Richie, Ricky, and especially Dick -- are so over... Read More 

  • Roy

    Gender: M Rate:

    We've seen Ray regain his cool, but could this country/cowboy name epitomized by Roys Rogers (born Leonard Slye), Acuff, and Clark, do the same? Roy came into use in the late 19th century, probabl... Read More 

  • Ruby

    Gender: F Rate:

    Ruby, vibrant red, sassy and sultry, has definitely outshone the other revived vintage gem names, with its sparkling resume of cultural references. Ruby is an early rock classic -- think the Rolli... Read More 

  • Ruth

    Gender: F Rate:

    Ruth, with its air of calm and compassion, was the third most popular name in the 1890's, then gradually faded away, though it's still in use today as some parents tiring of Rachel and Rebecca are ... Read More 

  • Shirley

    Gender: F Rate:

    All Shirleys were born in 1937, when Shirley Temple was America's princess -- or at least sound as if they were. Shirley Temple almost single-handedly lifted the gloom of the Great Depression, an... Read More 

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