Disney Channel Baby Names

Disney channel baby names are appearing not only on television but on birth certificates. These names have become more popular since the Disney Channel's debut in 1983. Baby names inspired by Disney Channel characters include:
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  • Teddy

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  • Tess

    Gender: F Rate:

    With its solid Thomas Hardy background, Tess has a lot more substance, strength, and style than most single-syllable names, with an efficient yet relaxed image. The iconic literary Tess is the be... Read More 

  • Troy

    Gender: M Rate:

    Troy shot to popularity as a first name in tandem with that of 1960s heartthrob Troy (born Merle) Donahue; its image has now, thanks in part to the Brad Pitt-starring epic, Troy , receded back to c... Read More 

  • Veruca

    Gender: F Rate:

    Veruca is a name Roald Dahl made up for the horrid little girl Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . A modern rock band adopted the name, though few parents familiar with the original... Read More 

  • Wednesday

    Gender: F Rate:

    Name made famous by the macabre character Wednesday -- middle name: Friday -- Addams is taken from the name of the day dedicated to the Anglo-Saxon god Woden, who relates to Mercury. Cartoonist au... Read More 

  • Zeke

    Gender: M Rate:

    Zeke is a casual form of the name of an important prophet. How well Zeke holds up depends on the boy: it could be a cooler alternative of Zack, or it could prove too close to "geek". On Sons of A... Read More 

  • Zora

    Gender: F Rate:

    Zora is a meaningful literary heroine name honoring Zora Neale Hurston, an important black writer and leader of the Harlem Renaissance. Spelled Zorah, it is a biblical place name, and is also the... Read More 

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