Baby Names Inspired by Authors

Literary baby names can be inspired the characters in books or, in the case of the baby names on this list, by the first and last names of authors ranging from Edgar Allan Poe to Zadie Smith. In this category, as always, feel free to look to your personal favorite writers for your baby names inspiration.
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  • Moss

    Gender: M Rate:

    This evocative green nature name, heard much more frequently as a surname, is associated with playwright Moss Hart (born Robert), who co-wrote (with George S. Kaufman) such enduring Broadway comed... Read More 

  • Munro

    Gender: M Rate:

    Takes Monroe out of the Dead Presidents category and gives it new life.  Read More 

  • Neruda

    Gender: M Rate:

    Evocative of the great Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda, real last name Basoalito, who took on the surname Neruda to honor a Czech poet of that name.  Read More 

  • Nin

    Gender: M Rate:

    Better hold off and hope for a daughter so you can name her Anais.  Read More 

  • Norris

    Gender: F Rate:

    A British surname that was used only for males until Mrs. Norman Mailer, Norris Church (born Barbara), came under the public eye.  Read More 

  • O'Casey

    Gender: M Rate:

    To modernize and add some oomph to the dated CASEY, add an O'-and also honor the great Irish playwright Sean. Read More 

  • Paz

    Gender: F Rate:

    Paz, currently represented by actresses Paz Vega and Paz de la Huerts, would make a sparkling middle name choice. It originated as a title of the Virgin Mary -- Our Lady of Peace. Pazia is an attr... Read More 

  • Plato

    Gender: M Rate:

    The name of one of the greatest Western philosophers is often used as a first name in its land of origin, Greece, and would make a really interesting, thought-provoking choice here. It is remembere... Read More 

  • Plum

    Gender: F Rate:

    British-born novelist Plum Sykes has taken this rich, fruity name out of the produce section and put it into the baby name basket. It's more appealing than Apple, more presentable than Peaches. The... Read More 

  • Poe

    Gender: M Rate:

    An evocative unisex one-syllable name, Poe is most distinguished by its literary reference. Edgar Allan Poe was an influential American author and poet, credited with inventing the genres of detect... Read More 

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