Vowel Baby Names for Girls

Many of the coolest baby names seem to start with vowels these days. Here are some cool baby girl names starting with A, E, I, O, and even U.
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  • Olwen

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    Olwen is a Welsh favorite, the name of a legendary princess in what is believed to have been the earliest Arthurian romance, and in fact one of the first recorded examples of Welsh prose. In this ... Read More 

  • Olympia

    Gender: F Rate:

    With its relation to Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods, and to the Olympic games, this name has an athletic, goddess-like aura, making it the perfect Olivia substitute. A well-known art refere... Read More 

  • Orchid

    Gender: F Rate:

    Orchid is an exotic hothouse bloom that has not been plucked by many modern baby namers — yet. In the language of flowers, orchids symbolize love, beauty and sophistication. In a 1926 silent com... Read More 

  • Oriana

    Gender: F Rate:

    Oriana is a dashing medieval name, with a meaning similar to Aurora. Strong and exotic, Oriana also has an admirable literary resume. In medieval tales, she was the beloved of the knight Amadis, sh... Read More 

  • Orla

    Gender: F Rate:

    Orla is an Irish name closely associated with the high king Brian Boru, as it was the name of his sister, daughter and niece. It was very popular in the Middle Ages-- the fourth most popular name i... Read More 

  • Ottoline

    Gender: F Rate:

    Curiously appealing, in a hoop-skirted, wasp-waisted way, Ottoline has recently entered the realm of modern possibility, especially since Sienna Miller chose it as the middle name of her daughter M... Read More 

  • Una

    Gender: F Rate:

    In an epic poem, the personification of truth, beauty, and unity; this ancient name is popular in Ireland but rarely heard here. The Oona spelling has more oomph.  Read More 

  • Undine

    Gender: F Rate:

    Mythological water spirit with the more common spelling of Ondine, heroine of an Edith Wharton novel.  Read More 

  • Ursula

    Gender: F Rate:

    A saint's name with a noteworthy literary background, including uses by Shakespeare in Two Gentlemen of Verona and Much Ado About Nothing , by Ben Johnson, Walter Scott, Longfellow, D. H. Lawrenc... Read More 

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