Irish Baby Girl Names

Irish baby girl names have been well used outside the Emerald Isle for decades, but there's a new wave of choices that sound fresh and intriguing. Here are some of our favorite Irish names for girls; or go here for a full list of Irish baby names.
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  • Decla

    Gender: F Rate:

    Has an incomplete feeling....  Read More 

  • Deirdre

    Gender: F Rate:

    Sadly, this strong Celtic name often has "of the sorrows" attached to it because of the tragic character in Irish legend. Also a bit drab when compared with newer Irish imports.  Read More 

  • Duff

    Gender: F Rate:

    Somewhat gruff name that might be better feminized as Duffy. Read More 

  • Eachna

    Gender: F Rate:

    Eachna is the name of an Irish goddess renowned for her beauty, brains and stylishness; in early legend, a Connacht princess named Eachna was deemed to be one of the loveliest and cleverest women i... Read More 

  • Eileen

    Gender: F Rate:

    A bit of a plain-Jane, this Irish name surprisingly gained a bit of momentum in 2013, likely due to the upswing in popularity of old-timey names. Aileen, Ailene, Alene, Aline, Ayleen, Eila, Eilah, ... Read More 

  • Eimear

    Gender: F Rate:

    Sometimes spelled Emer and pronounced "ee-mer," the legendary wife of Cuchulainn possessed the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, wisdom, chastity, and needlework. Not all created equa... Read More 

  • Eithne

    Gender: F Rate:

    Name of a goddess who survived only on milk. Pretty and soulful, but the phonetic spelling Enya might be easier for kids outside of the Irish culture.  Read More 

  • Emer

    Gender: F Rate:

    Popular name in Ireland -- it's pronounced ee-mer -- from the legendary wife of Cuchulainn who was supposed to possess the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, wisdom, chastity, and of co... Read More 

  • Erin

    Gender: F Rate:

    First-wave Irish name and place-name -- the poetical name for Ireland -- now supplanted by newer alternatives such as Maeve and Delaney.  Read More 

  • Fionnuala

    Gender: F Rate:

    This lovely Gaelic name, very popular in the Emerald Isle, would pose obvious pronunciation problems in Pomona or Pawtucket. Simplify to Finola or Fenella.  Read More 

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