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Noah's Ark - 2002 - 20x28 - Framed

Noah has unseated Jacob to become the new Number 1 name for boys – the first new top boys’ choice of the 21st century.

The boys’ side of the list claims all the hottest news, in a turnaround from the usual pattern in which girls’ names dominate the trend shifts.  Liam leapfrogs up to second place in only his second year on the Top 10, above father name William.  And the boys’ roster includes the only new entrant to the Top 10, longtime favorite Daniel, elbowing aside the trendier Aiden.

The girls’ Top 10 is comparatively stable, with Sophia and Emma maintaining their status of Number 1 and Number 2.  Olivia and Isabella switched places at 3 and 4, while Mia moved up and the traditional Emily and Abigail slid down.

The full Top 1000 baby names list for 2013, is now up on Nameberry here.

The focus on fashion changes for boys’ names with relative stability for girls is evidence of a larger shift in baby name style for both genders.  Boys are less often named for fathers and other family members and more often given names influenced by current styles and culture, while girls’ names are becoming more serious and more deeply rooted in tradition.  The result: Greater gender equality in baby names.

The 2013 US Top 10 baby names, announced exclusively on The Today Show this morning, are:

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Isabella and Jacob Still #1


Isabella and Jacob are still the top names in the U.S., according to the official statistics for 2010 released this morning by the Social Security Administration.

With a Top 10 list that was extraordinarily stable — Aiden was the only name that moved on, with Joshua falling off — most names even retained the rankings they held last year. The biggest change was Sophia, a name some berries thought would take first place this year, jumping up to Number 2.

The Top 10 for girls are:

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baby name Emma

The day every baby name addict waits for all year is finally here, as the Social Security Administration released its list of Top 1000 Boy and Girl Names this morning. To many people’s surprise–including a sizable number of our contest entrants–Emma leapfrogged over Isabella–last year’s #2– to become the most popular girls’ name in the country for the first time. She won by a very narrow margin though–there were 18,587 baby Emmas born, and 18,377 Isabellas. The boys list saw very little change, in fact the top five names–Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua and Daniel–were identical to last years.

We will be studying and analyzing the lists over the next days and weeks, but here are a few initial observations:

Chloe entered the Top 10 for the first time, displacing Hannah (as in Montana), which dropped from #9 to #15. On the other hand the name of the real Hannah Montana, Miley (a nickname invented by dad Billy Ray Cyrus) jumped 151 places. Some other girls’ names substantially on the rise: Aubrey, Brooklyn, Layla, Peyton and Payton, Genesis, Bella, Hayden, Marley, London, Piper, Lila, and the K-krazy-Kardarshian-influenced Khloe.

As for the boys, if both the Aiden and Aidan spellings were added together, that would have been the Number One name, topping Jacob. In addition, Jayden rose to just outside the Top Ten, and others on the upswing include Elijah and Eli, Brayden, Carter, Chase, Brody, Liam, Hayden (for both sexes), Colton, Levi, Oliver, Jonah, Miles, and Hudson.

You can access the entire list of 2,000 names on the Social Security site. An interesting feature they’ve added this year is the greatest changes in popularity from 2007 to 2008. (Highest for girls are Khloe, Marlee and Marely (!), and for boys, Jacoby, Kane and Beckett.)

CONTEST: We will be going through the entries over the weekend and announcing the winner on Monday.

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On Friday the official list of most popular names will be announced, and we’ll find out whether Jacob and Emily will continue their reign or end their long runs as the Number One Names in the U.S.

(Plus, everyone who’s entered the Nameberry Mother’s Day Contest will see whether their guess of the top ten names for girls and boys matches the official statistics, which we’ll announce on the site as soon as the news breaks.  For more details and rules on entering the contest — plus a description of the prizes — see the end of this blog.)

Judging from the state popularity statistics, Emily seems more vulnerable than Jacob.  She’s held the top spot longer – since 1996, compared with Jacob’s decade-long reign – and she was astonishingly Number One in ONLY THREE STATES last year.

Of course, two of those were huge states: California and Texas.  And everyone who’s sweated through a presidential race knows how that works: You can win fewer states, but if they’re the right states, you take the whole election.  But still, only three thumbs up with 48 (D.C. is counted separately) top spots going to other names doesn’t look very good for Emily.

Without tallying the NUMBER of girls that got each name – if you’re really a baby name geek, you can do that yourself at the social security site — here are the girls’ names that took the top spot somewhere and the number of states in which they were the Number One Names:

EMMA – 10
AVA & ISABELLA – 9 each

Jacob seems more solidly in the lead on boys’ names, claiming the top place in 15 states.  Boys’ names move up and down the ladder more slowly than girls’, and once a name reaches the top, it tends to stay there: Michael was Number One for forty years.  Other boys’ names that were Number One in 2007, and how many states they won:

ETHAN & WILLIAM – 9 each
AIDEN, ANGEL, JOSE, MATTHEW & NOAH (Noah??) – 1 each

Names that have ever been the national Number One name are an elite group, pointed out by the list on nameberry constructed by rachelmarie.   Until I saw her excellent list, I don’t think it had ever really hit me what a small group it was.  Number One names since the beginning of recorded U.S. naming history, aka 1880, are, for girls:


The boys’ list is even more limited, comprised of just six names:


So will there be a new king and queen of names come Friday?  What do you think?  Send your official guess for the new Top Ten to by midnight EST on Thursday, May 7.  The first person to guess the correct Top Ten for girls and boys will win four signed baby name books, including a sneak peek edition of our brand-new Beyond Ava & Aiden.  If no one guesses the correct Top Ten, we’ll pick the person who in our opinion comes closest.  We’ll be broadcasting the official popularity results on nameberry on Friday, just as soon as they come in.  The contest winner will be announced Monday, May 11, so tune in then to find out whether it’s you!

And just for fun, vote in our poll on whether you think Jacob and Emily will be unseated.

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