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Unisex Names of the 2014 Top 1000

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unisex baby names

By Kelli Brady, NameFreak!

There are 67 names in the 2014 Top 1000 that charted for both boys and girls. More if you count the ones that are spelled differently. It’s quite interesting to see which gender has taken over the name, as well as which names are given to a fairly close amount of boys and girls. Let’s take a look (name with the most babies is in bold)…

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Cornish Baby Names

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Cornish baby names

By Aimee Gedge

Cornwall, a beautiful county and popular tourist destination in the southwest of England, has its own unique culture and even language, although it is spoken by fewer and fewer people. It is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur and many writers such as Daphne du Maurier have been inspired by the rugged coastlines and stunning beaches.

Here in Britain, Cornish names have gained notoriety lately as a result of the very successful TV drama Poldark, based on the book series of the same name and set in Cornwall during the late eighteenth century. With the news that a second series has been commissioned, here are a few traditional Cornish names for you to peruse.

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The Most Kid-Friendly Places to Live

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best places for kids

By Sean Griffis, Brit + Co

Choosing where to settle down and start your family is no easy task. When you’re single, there are only several variables you have to think of for your solo self (friendly + romantic? check + check!). But when your brood starts expanding, you have to take into account more important things like affordability, education, crime rates — the list goes on — to give your kid(s) the best childhood they can have. While it was interesting to see which cities are the worst for families, we thought it would be a little more beneficial to shout out some of the best of the best. Our parents always did tell us to be fair ;)


This top 10 list, compiled by Livability, was determined by a variety of factors — from the usual to the unique. While the outlet did factor in education opportunities, cost of living and more into where each city landed on the list, the judging criteria was also how many restaurants had kids’ menus and how many kid-friendly parks and activities these cities could boast. What the research database discovered was that a majority of the cities on the list are suburbs of larger ones, giving these the perfect small-town feeling for your family, while also offering the perks of city living. Sounds like a win-win to us.

1. Boise, ID

2. Downer’s Grove, IL

3. Overland Parks, KS

4. Cedar Rapids, IA

5. Plano, TX

6. Carmel, IN

7. Brentwood, TN

8. Palo Alto, CA

9. Royal Oak, MI

10. Newton, MA


Thanks to Apartment List, the struggle of finding a city that you and your family will love growing into (and be able to afford along the way) has gotten somewhat easier with the help of this top 10. By considering factors like school quality, housing cost and safety, the “rentonomics” site uncovered 100 of the best cities for those newlyweds that happen to already have a plus one. Here’s the top of that roster:

1. Fishers, IN

2. Allen, TX

3. Naperville, IL

4. Castle Rock, CO

5. Frisco, TX

6. Carmel, IN

7. Olathe, KS

8. Ankeny, IA

9. Franklin, TN

10. Lakeville, MN


Of course, education rankings and crime rates are at the forefront of our minds when it comes to choosing the perfect place for you and the fam to call home, but sometimes the deciding factor is how affordable a specific locale is. Forbes compiled a list of the most budget-friendly options by taking a look at median family incomes and housing prices to see how much take-home families actually get after all the essential costs come out of their paychecks. Our wallets are telling us we need to move.

1. Birmingham, AL

2. Knoxville, TN

3. Buffalo, NY

4. Oklahoma City, OK

5. Cincinnati, OH

6. Memphis, TN

7. St. Louis, MO

8. Dayton, OH

9. Indianapolis, IN

10. Columbus, OH + Detroit, MI (tied)


By taking a look at crime, labor and school ratings of some of the larger cities throughout the nation, Parenting produced a list of 10 of the best big cities for families; because sometimes you just can’t give up that urban life. With a ton of family-friendly activities packed in each and high standings when it comes to education and workforce, children growing up in these 10 locations seem to have it pretty good.

1. Boston, MA

2. Colorado Springs, CO

3. Nashville, TN

4. Dallas, TX

5. Allentown, PA

6. Richmond, VA

7. Worcester, MA

8. Raleigh, NC

9. Virginia Beach, VA

10. Madison, WI


WalletHub compared the availability of family activities, health options, quality education choices, affordability and the socio-economic environment of 150 of the largest cities in the US to determine the best of the best. With so many factors and cross sections taken into consideration to create this particular list, we’re dubbing these 10 the most well-rounded cities for you and yours.

1. Plano, TX

2. Sioux Falls, SD

3. Overland Park, KS

4. Fremont, CA

5. Irvine, CA

6. Virginia Beach, VA

7. Lincoln, NE

8. Anchorage, AK

9. Gilbert, AZ

10. Amarillo, TX


Metro areas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. That’s why Family Circle decided to break from the big names and highlight some of the best small towns in the country for families to raise their children. Deciding factors on the best were the quality of schools, how affordable housing is and the “giving spirit” of these more suburban spots. Aw. You may have even called one of these your hometown in the past.

1. Westborough, MA

2. Camas, WA

3. Franklin, TN

4. Westfield, IN

5. Woodbury, MN

6. Boerne, TX

7. Lake Mary, FL

8. Elmhurst, IL

9. Apex, NC

10. Brecksville, OH

Does your city pop up on one of these lists?

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Literary Baby Names

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literary baby names

By Aimee Gedge

Like many of you, I am an avid consumer of all genres of books from fantasy to crime fiction. When I’m reading, I love looking for new and unusual names to add to my ever-growing shortlist for future children. But it’s not only fictional characters who can supply us with interesting name ideas: many authors have great names that might warrant a Baby Berry namesake.. Here are some of my personal favourites and I really hope to see some of these amazing names crop up in the Birth Announcements soon.

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Upscale Baby Names: The s-ending boys

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upscale baby names

By Aimee Tafreshi

There is nothing more interesting to a baby-name enthusiast than digging through the massive pile of names given to baby boys in the U.S. that did not reach the popularity of the top 1000 names. I always thought the girls had bragging rights when it came to having the best choices in names; boy, was I wrong. There are so many great boy names below the Social Security Administration’s latest popular baby names list that I cannot compile them into one blog post. Instead, I am going to create different posts grouped thematically to present numerous options for parents looking for a “unique” name for their little boy.

So this post is quite specific: I will present ten options for off-the-grid choices for baby boys that are 1) surname names (i.e., a traditional last name used as a first name), 2) monosyllabic and 3) ending in an –s. So for the five moms looking for this type of name for your blue bundle of joy, this blog post is for you!

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